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  1. Sites stop playing music an average of 1 minute after minimizing the browser or after turning off the screen. Probably, it depends on how large the cache managed to fill up. I'm not asking to fix this in the old version, just showing that even this does not kick me out of the old version of the browser yet. 😉
  2. Hi. I would like the developers to inform in advance about the termination of any support. It turns out very ugly when you are suddenly thrown out of the profile and you do not understand the reason. After all, no one asked the developers to fix old bugs. It was only necessary to maintain access to the profile. From this comes the main request - to make it possible to store a copy of your profile locally, and not just constantly communicate with the server. 2. In the new version, enable the removal of a block with pre-installed links on the main page. Why should I constantly look at what I will never use? 3. Why did they make the icons smaller and put them in white rectangular blocks? The overall look of the old version is much neater and easier to use. 4. The location of links below is convenient for someone, not for someone - let there be a choice. And scrolling bookmarks horizontally is inconvenient for the finger. Previously, all useful links occupied the entire screen area. Now it's less than half the screen with awkward horizontal scrolling. 5. Why this game with changing photos on the browser desktop? Who needs it? 6. When a list of actions is displayed by clicking on the list button in the lower right corner, it visually merges with the links field. And even this list must be scrolled, because 8 items do not fit. 7. The search bar is almost in the middle of the screen. Do you seriously think that it is comfortable and beautiful? PS, even if we take into account that the ad blocker does not work in the old version; no autocorrection of http headers to https; it is impossible to work in the background with the screen turned off while listening to music - version 4 is still more pleasant to use. So many years have passed, and the ad blocker is still in beta status.😒
  3. Hello. I don't like the new 6 version for android. Therefore, there I use the old version However, for the second day I was kicked out of the account and the autozoning no longer works. This happened not only to me. The browser reports a network error and after several attempts it just closes. It also does not allow you to create a new account for verification. Are these temporary difficulties? Or has the server stopped supporting older versions? So why is there no post about it anywhere?
  4. Hello everyone again. Now I sometimes use both portable versions in turn - 64-bit and 32-bit. Is there a way to have the same User Data folder for both versions? To save space. In the settings, I can transfer the cache folder, but there is no way to transfer the entire User Data folder or Profile 1 folder.
  5. I just want the current session in the browser to not open additional windows for me without my explicit desire. And it doesn't matter how many tabs there were in the past session, 2 or 100. I want all the history items to be separated, not grouped without the ability to select a specific address.
  6. Hello. Can someone explain to me why the tab group from the past session history always opens in a new window. They cannot be selected individually and are always a new browser window instead of new tabs. This problem has been around for a very long time.
  7. Hi! It was Russian. the problem changed after switching to English and re-enabling Russian. But the translation never came. I can edit the .ini file of course, but I can't edit the .pak if that's the problem. P.S. Of course, compared to other problems, these are minor annoyances. How to edit *.pak ? 😉 P.S.2 If I remove all languages that I do not use from the localization folder (except for Russian and Ukrainian), then in the Russian version we again get such a picture. There is no such problem with Ukrainian.
  8. I would like to change a few things: 1. Return the search engine selection list to the main address bar. As it was in Mx5. 2. Why do you need a search on the start page, if there is always an address bar at the top anyway? Give the option to turn it off here. 3. Add the ability to enable and disable any extension in the extension selection menu. And not just hide. Some extensions need to be turned off periodically and it is very inconvenient to constantly open the settings for this.
  9. Hello. Is it possible to add an item to disable WebRTC in the settings? Of course, there are extensions for this... But putting a separate extension for each item is not a good idea. Thanks for attention
  10. Since MyIE2... Windows 7 x32


  11. At first I thought it was a problem with extensions. But in the Vivaldi browser, all 6 from the above list work. Only then I did a search here and wrote about the error. All of them also work in Opera. All were downloaded from the same extension store. I think this is enough to understand that the problem is again in Maxthon. There is no desire or reason to install Chrome as well.
  12. I installed 6 different VPN extensions from the store. Only one of them worked. The remaining 5 gave connection errors. I did not know that Maxthon cannot work normally in this mode, but before writing this post, I did a search in the topic. The error, as it turned out, is already known. But the problem with VPN is still not solved. Very sad... - 1clickVPN - AdGuard VPN - Free Avira Phantom VPN - Best VPN by uVPN - Hub VPN + UltraSurf Security
  13. You're right. It was this point that I confused with another browser, where such a button was added as an extension. 😉
  14. I always blocked the display of this part of the panel in uBlock - it interfered with me. So if you add it again, then only optional. Something new "stable" version is launched sometimes from 2-3 times. This is very annoying. 😠 I would like to return the split screen button to the top bar, as it was before. In the bottom panel, which I often do not need or in the drop-down menu - this is inconvenient. It was more comfortable in the top panel. I would also like to return the ability to add a bookmark to Quick Access from the search menu. As it was before.
  15. Of course, you can block such messages. But is this a good way? Mx portable
  16. Today a screenshot site told me that my browser was out of date. This is not the first such case. Is it time to make Maxthon stop looking like an outcast?
  17. If the core of the MX5 is made of chromium, why can not I connect plug-ins compatible with Chrome? Many good plugins and extensions do not have normal support in the Maxthon, it's very sad.
  18. Не расширение. Для MxNitro. Если кому нужно изменить Поиск по умолчанию (в адресной строке) с гугла на свой вариант, то в файле mxnitro.dll нужно заменить строку http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-2698861478625135:5848753648&ie=UTF-8&q= на вашу. Лично меня там гугл не устраивает и я заменил его на яндекс.
  19. Хай! 1. Версия Уж не знаю с какой версии пошло, а может всегда было - нет возможности удалить лишние поисковые сервисы. Если их количество становится выше опредёленного (может после 10), то список просто перестаёт отображаться в настройках. А без него нет возможности удалить лишние. http://i.gyazo.com/dea35dfa4863da5bcb78a8b75aa04a56.png 2. С MxNitro нет возможности залогиниться на этом сайте http://trade.su/ - после ввода то тот выпадает с ошибкой. Даже багрепорт оканчивается ошибкой.