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54 minutes ago, MarkStrobel3367 said:

How can I edit the smaller tabs and the title of the tab sections?  When I right click on the bigger tabs (Bing, Yahoo, Gmail...), I see an edit option.  However, I don't see an edit option when I right click on the smaller tabs.  Thanks.

assuming you speak of quick access : which maxthon version ? did you perform a clean install ?



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12 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

I think he may be referring to these "smaller" tabs.


If that's what he is talking about, they can be edited by moving them out of the group, edit and then move back in.

Not ideal, and hopefully it gets fixed in an update, but that is a workaround.

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16 hours ago, -ody- said:

according to the above, we should be able to edit small tiles in the next release..

Hi ody,

Actually, it's not next release of MX5 browser, since the QA can be separate from browser now, it's relatively independent product now.

So edit for small tiles function is expected to be added in the next version of QA:1f60a:

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