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  1. Thank you. This worked perfectly! I currently have installed. I haven't updated it to the new beta version as I would rather first wait for the final version to be released.
  2. I haven't been able to delete my previous downloads listed under 'local'. I have clicked on 'Clear Completed' several times but nothing clears. I also have the browser set to clear the cache each time I close the browser. Without having to manually delete each file that was downloaded at a time, is there a way for me to delete them all at once? Thanks.
  3. magg replied at 2015-3-10 23:53 Follow instructions from this post http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pti ... Thank you, Magg! I reinstalled Adobe flash player and deleted a couple of files from the link that you shared. This seemed to improve or fix the streaming video performance!
  4. I have Maxthon installed on my Windows XP and I have been viewing streaming movies almost flawlessly until about a week ago. Now, each streaming movie is very choppy on playback. I tried just about everything from clearing the cache to restoring the computer to a time when this problem didn't exist. However, the problem continues. I recently visited a movie site and I was prompted to install Adobe Flash Player. I then was taken to the Adobe site that reports that Adobe flash player is installed, but disabled, https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect. When I clicked on 'here' for more information, a white box appears telling me that I need to enable Adobe flash player in Chrome. However, both the Adobe flash player and shock player are enabled in Chrome. I'm at a loss as to what is wrong. If anyone could help me with this situation, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Does the Maxthon browser have a search function designed to search for words/phrases on website pages? I haven't been able to locate this function on the browser. Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much for all your feedback!
  7. Is there any way that I could change the page that is opened when I click on the plus sign to the right of each open tab? Currently, the default page opens. I don't see an option in Settings to change this page. I am trying to determine if I could use a different speed dial page than the default. Please advise. Thanks.
  8. I think that your aol reader extension works fine regardless of the login issue. By the way, your extension appeared in the browser after restarting. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!
  9. magg replied at 2015-1-13 20:03 Are you logged to your Maxthon Passport? Anyway try to download once again this extension and inst ... Magg, I have a question for you - Is there any way to design the aol extension so that one doesn't have to manually log in each time the browser restarts? I use LastPass for my login info. Unfortunately, aol reader doesn't allow users to stay logged in. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Magg. I have been logged into the Passport. I reinstalled it. I will let you know if it disappears again.
  11. For some reason, when I restarted Maxthon, the AOL extension was gone from the left column. I needed to reinstall it. This was the only extension that disappeared from the column. Do you know why this happened? Thanks.
  12. Thank you so much! This add on is perfect!
  13. This morning, I reduced the number of folders to one that contained around 20 feeds. It was at this point when the reader began to update the feeds. Even then, the updating process wasn't consistent. Additionally, one of the Maxthon files began to exhaust my computer CPU's. I believe that this file is directly related to the built in RSS Reader. Unless this built in reader is improved, I don't want to reduce my number of feeds to accommodate. I would rather stick with the AOL Reader. It would be nice if there was an AOL Reader addon that I could use with this browser.
  14. Thanks. I just want the tabs to shrink. I don't want to change the entire layout. I like the layout in the standard version but would like the option to shrink the tabs.
  15. Thanks. However, this isn't what I was looking for. All I am looking for is a way to just shrink the locked site tabs like Chrome and Firefox.
  16. Does this skin shrink locked tabs? If so, how can I install this skin? I don't see any options to upload skins. Thanks.
  17. How can I have clickable email addresses on websites open gmail in Maxthon browser to send messages? Currently, when I click on email addresses, they open gmail in my Chrome browser. Thanks.
  18. That isn't necessary. Thanks anyway. It would be nice if this feature were added to the standard version however.
  19. Thank you for your response. Which skin has this feature? I just tried them all.
  20. Is there any way to shrink site tabs? Chrome and Firefox have this feature as a method of locking tabs which is nice as this makes room for additional tabs. I understand that I can lock tabs with this browser but the tab doesn't shrink.
  21. I just checked the firewall and everything is fine. If the feeds don't update tomorrow morning, then I will remove one folder at a time to see if that makes a difference. My guess is that I have more feeds than what this reader can take. However, I have had no problems importing this list with other free readers.
  22. Thank you for your suggestions. However, if I need to update the feeds one at a time, I might as well stay with the AOL Reader. Perhaps I have more feeds than what this built in reader can take.
  23. The reader still hasn't updated any feeds after importing the feeds several hours ago after clicking on 'Update All'.