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So I've been trying a few extensions and noticed that the address bar  gets filled pretty quick with icons. In fact, just using all the built-in ones (Adblock, Resource sniffer, Developer tools etc') already takes alot of space.

Is it possible to control the amount of icons shown?
Maybe add a show/hide option in the extension manager?
Or group them up somehow?

Also, when clocking "remove" on the icon of addons/extensions it says "You can hide the button of this extension in Customize UI".
Well I looked for it, don't know where that is... I can only find the extension manager and enable/disable them...

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One of those things that they seem to have the capability (see the extension toolbar dropdown in MX4), but for whatever reason don't want to use that to improve a feature.

If they just add that so you can show/hide using the checkbox it would make it much nicer.

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Hi all,

In my personal opinion, the issue OP said truly needs a solution. 

Whether by adjusting the size of the address bar or by creating an option for add-ons to hide while enabled, needs to be discussed by our product managers. 

I believe they will come out a solution for this problem. 

Thanks for using MX5 and giving us feedback, we won't let you down.

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On the customize tool bar, it appears you can only have 10 showing.  In the drop down box is one I want to show and I can't get it out.  When I take one of the exiting ones and put it over the 3 dots it will drop in and bring another one out, but not the one I want.  I have put the one I wanted out at the top of the list, but what happens is it sends it to the bottom of the list and takes another one instead.So how can I get the one out I want, and put it where I want.  This is very frustrating.  On my prior version of Maxthon (verssion it worked right.  Not only that, but on that version at the top of the side bar I had the STAR (which is the favorites icon) at the top; now I find no way to get the "star" over on the side bar.So is there a way to do that? And an interesting side note, is that when I checked out my prior version (, it kept saying it was up to date, but obviously it was not.

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