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  1. Thank you, hopefully when 6 is ready to use they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official". Thank you. Hopefully when 6 is ready they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official".
  2. I am currently using MX stable version. I now see there is a MX 6 but it says Alpha and Beta. I see no stable version. Then I saw where it said MX 6 may not be compatible with MX5. So now I'm not sure if I even want to go to MX6. I don't know if it is stable or unstable. Is there any videos that let us actually see MX 6 in real use? What are the differences between MX 5 and MX 6? If I change to MX 6 is it going to carry forward everything from MX 5 or am I going to have to re-invent the wheel and start all over again from scratch? When we went from MX 3 to Mx 4 and to MX 5 everything carried across as it should. Right now, I'm a little hesitant to install MX 6 because I don't know enough about it yet. Can anybody help me know what is really happening?
  3. On the customize tool bar, it appears you can only have 10 showing. In the drop down box is one I want to show and I can't get it out. When I take one of the exiting ones and put it over the 3 dots it will drop in and bring another one out, but not the one I want. I have put the one I wanted out at the top of the list, but what happens is it sends it to the bottom of the list and takes another one instead.So how can I get the one out I want, and put it where I want. This is very frustrating. On my prior version of Maxthon (verssion it worked right. Not only that, but on that version at the top of the side bar I had the STAR (which is the favorites icon) at the top; now I find no way to get the "star" over on the side bar.So is there a way to do that? And an interesting side note, is that when I checked out my prior version (, it kept saying it was up to date, but obviously it was not.
  4. Well this time it installed right. Didn't have any problems. It just did it. I did nothing different than I did before.
  5. I'm attempting to install Violentmonkey extension. I have Maxthon version (and it says it is the latest version). When I start to download Violentmonkey it says I have to have maxthon version 3 or above. It then wants me to press the install maxthon button. Why do that when I already have the latest version. It should check that out and then install the extension.So how do I install the extension without having to re-install maxthon again?