MX5 PC Beta5 version release

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Maxthon Browser releases MX5 PC and Android Beta4 versions today!

Their changelogs and download links are here: 



Thanks for everyone's feedback and support for MX5 beta5,

we fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements in it.


Now, we release the new version MX5 Beta5 (V !

Welcome to give us feedback in "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area.

Here is the "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area link:

Our professional admins and moderators will help you and deal with issues.


Let's make MX5 better together!

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Having a problem with eBay page!


*Windows 10, ver


To reproduce:

*Use WebKit engine

*Search for something on eBay

*List of searched items come up

*The first item in the search is always hidden by blank area!

(you can see the first item at the top flash by, then it becomes hidden!)


Otherwise, brilliant release! It's getting REALLY good!

Thanks very much!


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