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  1. Feature Request: In "Settings", an option to delete downloaded files to the recycle bin. Currently, when deleted, downloaded files disappear from the downloader, but accumulate in the download folder. Thanks!!!
  2. Love the "Search" in the settings page!!! No more hunting for settings!
  3. I appreciate Maxthon's concern for Bitcoin technology, and choosing to make it traceable to discourage criminals. Those who don't get it eventually will, and maybe sooner than they think. Bill Gates once said that nobody could ever use more than 64K of RAM, and he's a smart, visionary guy.
  4. requests: 1. An option to switch users while using the settings of the main user. Users could allow or disallow the use of their personal settings. 2. In the Settings page, a category of "All Settings" that would show a list of all possible Mx options. 3. In the Settings Page, a "Search in Settings" search bar that would make finding any setting instant. Thanks, loving 6.xxxB so far!