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  1. 2 problems I had with 14xx are better with 1500! No more failure for Youtube full screen with multiple tabs open, no more freezing when I launched hyperlinks, but my radar map still appears slow when animated.
  2. Yikes! 1409 doesn't play nice with Windows 10 with latest update, 19041.610! It runs very sluggishly and freezes often. It freezes every time I click a link in my e-mail program. Thanks!!
  3. In 1400, this weather radar is very slow and jerky when set in motion. 2 other Chromium browsers work just fine. Thanks!!!😀
  4. 1300 (and 2-3 previous releases) seem to have a YouTube bug. When viewing the video in full screen with 3 or more YouTube tabs, it won't show full screen correctly. Thanks!
  5. requests: 1. An option to switch users while using the settings of the main user. Users could allow or disallow the use of their personal settings. 2. In the Settings page, a category of "All Settings" that would show a list of all possible Mx options. 3. In the Settings Page, a "Search in Settings" search bar that would make finding any setting instant. Thanks, loving 6.xxxB so far!