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  1. I can't access Hulu. The web site throws an error I don't see an option to allow "location". Thank you!
  2. Love! Feature Request: Make the Download Manager "live". The ability to manage files... delete, rename, copy, move, etc. right in the DL Manager would be great!
  3. True, and you can also open the EXE file with a compression program like 7-zip and extract it to a folder of your choosing.
  4. I don't have a key like you have in request no. 3. Where did you buy your keyboard?
  5. Bug, maybe. When launching M6 from the pinned Task Bar icon, the speed dial icons and the fonts in web pages are the sizes I chose, and set to default. (110%) When launching M6 from an e-mail link, the speed dial icons and the web page fonts are smaller and I have to increase the size. (CTRL+mouse wheel) M6 is getting GOOD!!! Thank you!
  6. Sorry, no time to make a movie just now. <s>It's easy to duplicate. Create a new search engine with "%s" in the URL. Now edit the search engine URL and OK it. You will find the URL reverts to original, the edit does not save. </s>Thank you! Sorry, disregard! The search engine edits are now saving as they should! 🤐 Re-starting Mx didn't fix it, maybe re-starting Windows is what fixed it. Sorry!
  7. Thanks for the update Mx Team! Happy to see things moving. I have a bug, sir! In Settings,General,Manage Engines: When adding a new search engine, the new engine does not work. I have several search engines I created earlier, and they all work fine. All that I created in 6.2300 and 6.2400 don't work. They save OK in the drop-down box, but do not function when typed into the address bar. Thank you!!! Edit: I just discovered this: Viewing the search engines, they look fine. When editing the engines, I discover they did not change when edited. They appear to change,
  8. FEATURE REQUEST: Would like an option for sound only on focused tab. Thank you!
  9. Feature Request: In "Settings", an option to delete downloaded files to the recycle bin. Currently, when deleted, downloaded files disappear from the downloader, but accumulate in the download folder. Thanks!!!
  10. Love the "Search" in the settings page!!! No more hunting for settings!
  11. I appreciate Maxthon's concern for Bitcoin technology, and choosing to make it traceable to discourage criminals. Those who don't get it eventually will, and maybe sooner than they think. Bill Gates once said that nobody could ever use more than 64K of RAM, and he's a smart, visionary guy.
  12. requests: 1. An option to switch users while using the settings of the main user. Users could allow or disallow the use of their personal settings. 2. In the Settings page, a category of "All Settings" that would show a list of all possible Mx options. 3. In the Settings Page, a "Search in Settings" search bar that would make finding any setting instant. Thanks, loving 6.xxxB so far!