Global Mute is missing in Portable


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32 minutes ago, Kreator-2 said:

I don't have it in installed (not portable) version. How to enable it?


Снимок экрана20160928101632.png

Hi Kreator-2, that's really disturbing. Let me forward your screenshot to our developers to see if it's a bug. 

BTW, could you also give a screenshot with the version number in the same picture like the one shown here. And also I suggest you do a clean install again. 


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Odd? The option is available and works on my version.

I would say extract again... but i don't think that would help. I'd try downloading again. It's possible the file was updated and that was one of the things that was added in a later revision.

And if you're using a passport, try testing with guest account.

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There is a different version of the Portable on the download page

It is 39,826 Mb the original posted version was 40,389 Mb. The new version still hasn't got the Global Mute button on Status Bar or the ability to switch it on in Settings/ Functions and Addons/Browsing.

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2 hours ago, Magdalene said:

It is 39,826 Mb the original posted version was 40,389 Mb.

I just downloaded the one from your link. It is a different size to the one I originally had, but it also has global mute.

So either there is something on your system that is stopping it from showing.. or i have no idea.

If you want to check something, below is a link to my version. This was extracted, checked to see if the Global Mute option was there, then compressed. Technically it should still be there when you extract and run it.!Au4ONRNAF_J5rfBro-9q6jrL3oUp9Q

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Fix posted



I've found a fix for the missing Global Mute that works for my Portable version. 

I was missing th default.mxaddon file from the MaxthonPortable\UserData\Public\MxAddons folder. I made a copy from my .exe version found in C:\Users\***************AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Public\MxAddons and pasted in. Switch it on in settings\Functions and Addons\Browsing. It works fine. It'll probably work in reverse if you have a working Portable version and an installed exe. missing the GM function. File included below.



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