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  1. LOL I can't believe I read all the comments on the topic, but yeah, feature based my favorite version was but it did crash a lot, 10 times daily at least, stability wise maxthon has improve a lot, I was the type of user who in the old forum wrote a lot of topics with suggestions and improvements that I belived could make a lot of people happy, a lot of them were implemented a lot of them didn't... I could write a topic about some bug and find out 4 users had done the same, months ago and the bug may or may not been fixed. I know and understand that is impossible to keep everyone happy, the same feature 2k people requested another 2k users will complain about it in the next day... Thruth be said, the users who actually use the forum are not even then 10% of all the maxthon users, and there's now way to know what they like what don't, if they stopped using maxthon for a bug, lack of addons or just they didn't realized that you had to go to the forum to download the latest version and a lot of things stopped working for the same reason. But I do believe that maxthon devs should put more attention to the forum users, because at the end of the day, we are here because we use the browsers and we want to make it better, because we care enought for the product to write a topic, to welcome new members and shared out knockledge to them. Because at the end of the day the forum users are the ones who recommend maxthon to others, I had made a lot of people switch to maxthon, I'm always bragging about the snap tool and the maxnote wich I used daily and I really depend on them on my daily basis (like really really depend on them). The forum users are the spokesman of maxthon and keeping them happy is important because they are the ones who bring other people here and keep them here. The reasons I've stayed with maxthon is because at some point I've felt listen, with chrome you could talk and no ones will even care, chrome devs are totally unaccesible, and maxthon devs used to enter the forum once in a while, at least 4 years ago they did... We came here, we complaing, praise, comment and still do, because we know they are some people to talk to, if we truly believed that coming to the forum was pointless we wouldnt be here in the first place. So to summarize it, bring chrome extensions to maxthon, because the lack of them are making me go to firefox to do a certain task that I know they are impossible in maxthon c: I haven't forgot
  2. :'C you were the 6th I was around the first 10,000 .... If it is one for day, in 10k days I will have my email D:
  3. But Finally you improve skynote... Infobox.. (For me it will always be skynote XD) I used it to take notes in college :T I don't have to uses * or ____ ----- to separete thing from each other or memorize codes like ∟or ↑↓→ to organize my notes :T
  4. I did that but the icon still on the new extension manager :T
  5. I might but I already have it.. I don't want to wait :'C I was one of the first to get VIP 2.. also, how do I eliminate an extension...?
  6. They've filtered the maxthon 5 alpha version in english.. you deleted the comments a few hours ago, but can you tell me where's the portable version D. please I use both a lot D:
  7. I changed the user agent and stuff, to improve my experience in maxthon and I can't pop up the window of netflix anymore, how can I do that!? It would be great to having that feature again I'm running v4.4.8.2000 and it worked great a few days back- Pls help
  8. Sorry bro, I don't have any problem with yahoo maill, it works fine, maybe is for the extensions thay you have, or maybe you run a older version of Maxthon, or you have a virus or programs that may affect your navigation online XD
  9. magg replied at 2015-1-5 08:10 Perform Searching before you post! It's already available in Google Play https://play.google.com/sto ... Oh, ok thanks, I didn't knew that it was another app XD
  10. I have some valuable information on my notepad in my desktop maxthon, It will be great if I coul acces to that information throught my phone DDD: I would be GREAT!