How can add an opened page into Speeddial?


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And btw. there is still the same unfixed bug with QA thumbnails in current (5.1.3000) android version - tried on 2 different devices with Android 4.4.4 Kitkat and 7.0 Nougat.

Reported here

Examples of sites with broken thumbs -


Good to know that no one from Mx staff doesn't care about our reports :top:

Great support indeed.


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42 minutes ago, magg said:



53 minutes ago, magg said:

Check my screenshots for instructions.



Thanks,but  Now I completely became sure that Mx5.0 is really confusing for novices because of just now I remember I knew about it before and by your mentioning I can recall it again see below about add page into (thumbnail=Speeddial =Quick access) 


anyway thnx

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Hi @magg and @Dr.Roxana

Thanks for reporting. We truly value your feedback and suggestions.

So @Dr.Roxana have you solved the issue by follow magg's steps?

@magg thank you magg for your long support and loyalty, sorry that we missed your last post, we don't mean to let you down. We'll solve these issues our users reported here one by one. Please be positive, we really need persons like you to improve our product together, we also wish to present an ideal browser for you all. 


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18 hours ago, PHYR said:

Why won't QA auto rotate? Many people use M5 on Tablets! It is very uncomfortable to have to reorient when viewing in landscape mode to search or use infobox or settings!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi PHTR, we are still working on the adjustment for tablets, so in future you will have more confortable user experience. :1f61a:

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