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  1. My Android Download Manager is corrupted also Google play store embargo Iranian users too i can't download beta releases Maxthon for Android not at all, would you please send for me direct download link from it kosheyar@gmail.com thnx

  2. I thought i am not because my name was not at above list
  3. by installing MX5.0 for Android i missed all Favourites were synchronizing on mx4 i need my favorites shared between Maxthon for windows and Maxthon for Android How can access them on Mx5.0?
  4. So thnx but that post is closed for users too regards
  5. Mx5. 0 The worst DESIGN for Android I hate it, I prefer Mx4 Design and why I was hate of other Webbrowsers for Android because of Max4. 0 had User interface differ them but now Mx5.0 has UI like them too so i hate Mx5. 0 for Android too furthermore it constantly exits auto unwanted No supports Favourites suync like Max4. 0 I have not any access to my favorites at all too Also Mx5 no any supports Native languages too, what a pity for all suffering for translation Maxthon 4.0 for Android!!!! Totally can say Mx 5.0 is not user friendly like Mx4. 0 thought it has new features bu
  6. I have just reported what I have seen about cleanmaster warning No any more else Big thanks to you for being polite
  7. You think CM company is useless?!! Just see its products on Playstore(Loool) and here Cheetah mobile Cm browser Cm security Clean master Battery Doctor Etc See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheetah_Mobile
  8. Perhaps you're right but don't forget clean Master in Google store is 4.7 in scores
  9. After tapping cpu starts to be cooler Best