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A friend of mine who lives in the Netherlands told me about Maxthon browser somewhere around 2007/2008. Back then it was MX2. It was instantly was a hit with me. From that point I only used Firefox to Tor...everything else was Maxthon. I think double clicking tabs to close tabs, reopen closed tabs, and mouse gestures were the features that attracted me the most.

When MX3 came out I complained about the inability to edit global ad blocking rules which was fixed in later releases. But I still rocked the browser anyway.

Now I am so hooked, I have to have it installed on every computer that I use. My whole house runs Maxthon since I am the computer geek/network administrator.:titter:

I love my favorites! I do a lot of research for work from home and quite often I find a favorite that I want to have available at work. With Maxthon, it is there, waiting on me when I sync. So awesome.

I was originally told that I could not install MX on my computer terminal at work. Now I have it on 2 of them...mine and another one I use. I don't want to browse the internet without it.

Thank you for putting in the time to make such an awesome browser! Keep up the excellent work my friends!:luv:

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Hello friends,

Unwittingly.... :arf:  I'm with Maxthon(2) almost since 2007 or 2008 , {looks like the previous millennium... Loll}.

Unfortunately, there are some of my requests from Aug 2013 >>  that nothing have been done about it .... and even not on the  Mx-5 ... :smoke: 

Hence, my prefered default browser is FireFox yet.


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It seems like an entire life  but was just 16 years ago I found MyIE. Of course for technology is an entire life.

Using windows 98SE back then on a 14" monitor was really annoying have IE open in a new window for every new address.

Plus the resources IE consumes with every new window. I needed a new browser with new layout.

Then  on a CD came with a computer magazine,I think it was PC magazine or Computer for everyone,

amongst the other apps, there was  myIE for browsing. That;s it. I found my browser.

Stuck with it since 2003 and then after I installed XP, on another computer magazine with a CD named 100 best apps for PC I found MyIE2

I may still have that CD,inside was the MyIE2.0,so I installed it as an upgrade to MyIE..

Only two years later,2005 ,looking for an update I found out that myIE became Maxthon browser. 

Disappointed at first ,cause of ,a browser I liked was discontinued, I thought I was on a look out for a new browser.

Then I read why the change made and that all futures of MyIE were still there, plus new ones added,so I installed Maxthon 1.x

And if I am not wrong, user passport I think introduced on Maxthon 1.x even I never used it back then.

From there Maxthon became even better with any new release. At 2008 I install MX 2.0 with all new futures,

loved mouse gestures,Alliases,magic Fill, status bar,the cloud favorites future,so I never changed browser since.

Even I can't remember when QA thumbs came on Μaxthon I loved that layout and the abillity to organize

my most visited sites in a way I want with the name I want. Now we wait on MX 5.0 and I hope all this futures remain.

Off topic

I am lvl 101 and still wondering what the purpose of it,other than it shows the hours I used Maxthon,:titter:


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My Story is quite funny ! I need a my personal browser that I can save my password , bookmark and other info AND LOAD WEB PAGE FAST. Because my father already use Google chrome and my younger brother use Firefox to save there data on same home pc... Then I Go through the search for best browser and found Maxthon in number 5 or 6 early in 2012. Tried it and love this because loading webpage Faster on slow internet connection too and also for good sync feature. Now I am a Proud Maxthon user from Bangladesh with my personal laptop and smartphone. 

THANKS Maxthon team for such a precious gift like this . [ Hard to wait for MX5 :tap: ] 

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started using maxthon since 2011 (original account)
racked up about a 7230 hours usage time over the years.

started using it mostly due the many features it had.


still using MYIE2 til this day on my win98 emulator.

funny enough only MYIE2 works the best since all other (yes ALL other) browsers are failing 99% of all pages. (luckily i could download myie2)


kept sticking by Maxthon since, only use other browsers if maxthon fails to correctly display or access the pages
currently in use of 1 normal version and 2 portable for the older history files

2-2,5 years is the maximum save time that it can correctly save the history.

so using 2 portable for the history files, to search the older pages i forgotten over the years adding them to my new history file.
thus rendering the older ones mostly useless, (kept them for nostalgia reasons) {why not keep your entire history}


i also copy my addblock list to every PC i use so all adds are blocked without ones slipping trough

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My memories of Maxthon


I first used Maxthon 3, I think, being able to zoom in and out of pages by incriments of 10% and 'last session' are the two main reasons that I continued to use Maxthon.

Unfortunately, zoom icrements of 10% were abandoned at around version and Last Session has been altered drastically in Maxthon 5. So I am stuck with version which has many problems, as does every version of Maxthon, but this version has the two features that I previously mentioned, namely Last Session and 10% zoom incriments.  I am happy to live with the problems this version has as I can usse anoher browser as a work around.

Until I find a browser, Maxthon or otherwise, that has these two features I shall have to switch between Google Chrome and Maxthon

I have previously considered recommending Maxthon to others, but have not done so as I have not found a version that works.

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huh, from myie time, story? my internet story is maxthon's story, what may i say more? mx2x was flexible and aweful(magnificent) like minimax japanese luna browser(what too heavy i think) so i think mx2.x was very best conceptual browser and look like will for allways, maxthon 2.x was similar human nature - flexible and individualistic

think i found myie by myself in yahoo or may be found user in odigo with maxthon web site in the sign, i do not remember. just assumption

btw as odigo was and will best im, so mx2.x stay best browser, imo

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