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  1. hi there, long time couldn't reset my password, so... thank you for new maxthon, but again as was with v5 in beginning, please do not remove search bar, as nobody know how long maxthon 5 will stay ok for compatibility, it was very long discussion before search bar was getting back in one of old version of mx5... please don't do this again, let maxthon stay with old functions, we all remember, what we lost when mx2.5 become history, don't do this again, please
  2. must be your browser no prezoom gmail page, i think this could be, because my gmail open with some prezoom(ctrl+), in any way i back to, and all sites work as usual 7twenty thank you, did not catch your post first time, sorry and yes, it's working for me, now everything ok, btw, i use portable version ah, now when browser start i see this p.s. oh, now relogined, and no problema lol
  3. some sites open with incredible small font,example - gmail (win10)
  4. look like site problem, some time could be stream html5 work good, but some time have a problem, espetialy if open tabs when stream work, all i need in this situation is reload video tab
  5. странно, у меня такой траблюки нема, версия правда, но думаю не в ней дело, можно поменять юзерагент, там где прописана версия хрома поменять на крайнюю на сегодняшний день это 39.0.2171.99 слава украине
  6. you will laugh, but i got same windows as you adobe flash after install put 64.dll in system32/macromed, and 32.dll in syswow64/macromed you can use only one dll file with nitro maxthon etc. but better install adobe flash for non ie browsers, becouse some time very rarely some sites wont open flash if this not installed in system, so my self always install adobe flash for ie and for not ie and after this update module
  7. found in your system NPSWF32.dll and put it where nitro keep pepflashplayer.dll, then rename NPSWF32.dll to pepflashplayer.dll, befor you can pack in rar zip 7z whatever original pepflashplayer.dll
  8. einherz

    QA mod

    i dont use readers mods, have me replace?
  9. einherz

    QA mod

    2much for my little brain btw ur new qa mod is work now in, so i keep it in maxthon dir:) p.s. thanx any way for time and work, and specialy for attention
  10. einherz

    QA mod

    sorry, i did it once, wont more:)
  11. einherz

    QA mod

    mean, when i open settings, options have no any reaction of my mouse p.s. any way, what wrong with zork's qa mod?
  12. einherz

    QA mod

    @Imanerd this mod wont work correct for me, maxthon settings bloced, so return to zork's mod
  13. einherz

    QA mod

    o thanx, i used ur skns for 3.5 maxthon it was best for me, and now new qa mod, was before old version without some option in settings, now just perfect gg.gg/lc73