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  1. it was shown on the page. when you entered 1st i do know my entry numbers where in the vip3 area around 2300
  2. any news on solving that particiular issue when reading trough the topic many more people have the same issue. its like someone hacked the system and took a 40K worth of entries for vip3 and vip2 my entry number increased by 40K since today
  3. i registered a few weeks ago and recieved VIP3 (on both my main and alt account) but i did not recieve any mail i tried re-entering today and now it told me i gotten vip1 ----- the glitch happened on both my main and alt account (ALT is mostly a public pc account)
  4. since i havent expierenced any trouble on win10 nor win7 with addblock+ the problem could be solved. i am not using default blocking list. i have global rules enabled. i also copy my 260-270K addblock rules list to each pc i use it on. (yes 270000 adds blocked)
  5. *UPDATE* *WEARD PROBLEM SOLVED FOR NOW* for now the problem is solved after updating to the latest version. please keep the topic open for a while since a PC reboot could negate the solution
  6. my win10 account is just a regular one, it could have someting to do with the system privileges maxthon has on win10 or win7 are different. the win10 is a full clean install on a brand new SSD. i still used the adblock/data from win8.1 without problems (235892 adds blocked in total, and still increasing) the win7 is also a clean instal dated on: 8-9-2014 so a virus/malware could not be a problem
  7. **update** after upgrading win8.1 to win10 the addblock problem is solved. but still present in win7 so addblock can be used as normal user
  8. Edit: it has someting to do with admin-rights on the PC. if i run it as admin it has addblock+ enabled. for some reason addblock+ needs maxthon with admin-rights. can this be solved?
  9. im using the stock skin. tested it also with non-mx account, same problem. havent tried portable version ___________________ edit portable version works fine with mx account, wich is strange since it uses the same app-data files could be due a minor bug in the program itself, since this is the only PC i have this problem on
  10. the problem still occurs in the latest version. since i wont update to win10 due the need of WMC i cannot test if that solves the problem ------------------------------- edit: after competely removing the programm, and the add(block) folders, the problem is solved for now. please keep the topic open until further notice ------------------------------------ edit: after a restart of maxthon the problem once is happening again?? could be some bug regarding the addblock settings.
  11. on win8 now i have a wearder problem. after closing down maxthon and install some windows updates, then reboot the pc, re-open maxthon: ALL quick-acces apps are gone. version i use: 4.4.3000 to be more precise, all quick-acces data gets removed during start-up if i try to insert a older version (b-up) it gets removed after a 30 seconds after startup for now the problem does not apeared again. will keep a eye out for it when it happens again.
  12. as stated in the older forum my problem is not resolved yet. installed latest beta: no effect clean install: no effect remove all account data: no effect not using a user account no effect using a alterante account no effect using the user data from another pc: havent tested this yet greetings shiganami
  13. addblock istn working on a single website, every site has the problem. there is no crashdata from when the problem occurs
  14. no i just use the default skin, no special stuff ect
  15. here is the little pop-up window as i see it on my win7 pc. (i eddited it from my win8 pc) it happens on ALL PAGES
  16. now i also get the problem on my other pc (win 8) that the addressbar doesnt auto fill with suggestions of my history, ect
  17. hi guys when i use this version of maxthon: i cant use addblock+ it doesnt block a single add and i cant change the settings. if i use the version of the main page, i can use addblock but there is a little window that when you remove it it makes maxthon crash. after that i cant login anymore
  18. thank you i will try those ps: the software reconizer has a issue, i was posting it on windows 10 preview version
  19. i still got the reccomanded to you vids, but after watching things i like to hear/watch they changed to that. ----- so for now the expletive deleted, ntzphyr annoying subscriber farming channels are gone: like: watchmojo, enzoknol, stuktv, ERB, college humor, beautygloss, ect. (this was just for a 10 minutes)
  20. is there a way to still show the subscribed channels on the what to watch page? while blocking everything else ??? it is also blocking my playlists, can you solve this?