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  1. And what about for us using The problem still exist. And version is not for me. It's just a chrome replica,with many futures missing from whyat 4.4..8.2000 has. Can you please do something for version 4.4..8.2000?
  2. I know. Actually I don't need VIP privillages. I only use cloud to sync. favorites and history, wich I can do now anyway without be a VIP member.But there are a lot like me. Others could use the extra space. Ty for your reply
  3. Well I still wait for confirmation e-mail, I was amongst the first 100 pre-registers. May I still wait or is it too late now? Even I don't mind after I read VIP privillages. I only use cloud to sync favorites.
  4. I used that one but no e-mail here either. Either way I'll wait for Maxthon 5 and I hope it doesn't look like Chrome. If someone could check I;ll apreciate it. I used same e-mail as my passport