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  1. The search bar also disappears on QA in full screen mode, very inconvenient.
  2. I had no problems using M5.0.1.100. Which version are you using? Although you might try using retro mode....
  3. Could you provide a link or a page with a link?
  4. PHYR

    MX5 skin ideas

    You are impatient
  5. PHYR


    Click your avatar and select passkeeper tab
  6. i only have 250 favorites but given that the new Info panel is located in the same folder(least I think it is), I don't think file size will matter. Edit: I think it is much snappier btw
  7. Well, I've uninstalled M4 already. Other than skin support it is missing very little. Heck of an alfa. Thanx team
  8. No, but they can run separately. I have shortcut to both on task bar. If you think M5 is minimalist you haven't looked at it. Explore than comment something intelligent.
  9. Didn't crash for me by simply clicking the trash can after highliting the fav I wanted to delete. I have no trouble running several instances, including different sessions and private modes. So nice to have night mode(although toned down from M3's) and status bar info back
  10. Well it's been worth the wait IMO. Feels like a solid build! I like, but then that's not surprising to anyone...
  11. I'd start watching your mailboxes, a few members of the Chinese forum have received their invites
  12. PHYR


    Wow, sounds very interesting!
  13. You can't use your user data from 4.4.8 with 4.9.3 and expect it to work properly despite what you might have read in this forum by some users.
  14. I got the same result as ody...
  15. You have to restore the size of the first instance as it too is 648x500 when first installed.
  16. You can drag&drop to open in a new tab.
  17. It's not to say they all don't work, only some give me problems but I don't know the cause....
  18. Neither this nor Ody's links are usable on my win10 Mx4.9.3.1000.
  19. Works fine in ultra with M4.9.3.1000, haven't tried it with 4.4.8. but don't expect it to get fixed if it is broken.
  20. Seems to work fine for me in version M4.9.3.1000 and if I remember correctly it also worked in previous 4.9 versions. Edit: It even works with no other tabs open when booting, simply hover the page and use wheel to scroll Quick Access pages...
  21. I see the same with links you provided. It's open link of an image that has a problem. There's no option to open the link, only the image itself. O.T. I don't need a forum notification that I've just posted
  22. Do you do clean installs when switching between 4.4 and 4.9 series? Everything you mention works fine for me(apart from split screen and dev tools in retro.)
  23. I've never seen this on my machine before with any version of Maxthon for android.