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  1. This problem has reared it's head again. I was downloading using Glary utilities, then clicking on each suggested update available in Filepuma. As I was downloading, after I clicked on 3 downloaded programs to install, programs waiting in Maxthon browser Download folder, which was reduced to the tray simply refused to open. I also couldn't find any reference to Ultra/retro mode to see if this would improve my luck. With the Main tabs pages reduced to tray and the downloads also reduced to tray, I ran my mouse over the main tabs and it showed a page preview. If I then right clicked it gave me the "restore" option, I was finally able to open the main tabs open pages in Maxthon. On the other hand, the Maxthon Downloads reduced in the tray would show me a preview with "mouse over", but did not give me the "restore" option on right mouse click and so I had to abort the remaining downloaded programs without installing and start the downloads again. If I then go to the top right browser with 3 lines one below the other "menu" and click on downloads manager, nothing happens. I hope that clearly shows the problem.
  2. Yes, thank you. Sorry I don't get back here as often as I should. So, thank you for your response. When I went back to using Mozilla a day later it was good again. I just had a problem yesterday, where my internet slowed right down, and I couldn't access royalgames.com, but managed to order seeds from another website. Once I changed to Mozilla the speed improved and I was immediately able to access royalgames.com. Again, not sure what the problem was, although at times it doesn't matter if I use the Retro or the other engine, royalgames will still tell me I cannot access certain games, i.e., word battle. I will check out how it is working right now and see if the problem still exists.
  3. Not sure the reason why, whether it is a recent update of any of my software but: The download button on Maxthon browser is inaccessible and I am no longer able to download from Filepuma website, which is being facilitated by Glary Utilities. The normal updating function that Glary Utilities instigates cannot be completed, as the downloads do not start on the Filepuma website and the download folder on the Maxthon Browser refuses to open.