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  1. Hi Sorry, just wanted to avoid performing a new installation without my UserData folder and afterward manually filling all my sites username & passwords from scratch ... assuming there's no a specific Magic-Fill file to restore (please correct me if am wrong ). Anyhow, after some testing, I've found that I can use the Save Form option on the context menu (as you wrote), so this step solved my bank site issue only. I wander if I have to do this for all my sites one by one from scratch... Thank you !
  2. Hi 7twenty Usually am using the guest account. Today I'd deleted the bank site info from MagicFill, but when I entered to the bank site and fill manually the User-name and Password, Magic-Fill didn't ask me to save the "new data site" .... (so it gone and there's no Undo option) As you know, I can't even add a new site manually to Magic Fill.... What a frustration
  3. Thank you both 7twenty & BugMiss006 . 1. I'm running a 64bit Windows 7 Home Permium (3Gb RAM, Dual Processors 2GHz ) Laptop . 2. Currently on Mx v Portable , with my UserData folder copied from the previous Mx v4.4.8.1000 (as I always did ... ) Thanks again.
  4. 1) I mean that nothing is filled in the field ( username / password ). 2) When I using the 'Fill form' option it's won't work and nothing is filled in the fields as well. So, the only way to enter my account is to fill it manually. Thanks again.
  5. Hello 7twenty Thank you but I'm using always the portable version only. I never had a problem with Magic fill, but from the day they changed the bank site page algorithm ( the Bank page ) the problem raised up for me. Note: even when I using the 'Fill form' option it's won't work because of AutoComplete="off" exist on the HTML page ( check the "view page source" line 312 to 317 ). Thanks again for your help.
  6. Although I did what you wrote, am sorry to say that nothing help and I still can't enter this site using Magic-fill . Please help. ThX
  7. Hello friends, I've noticed that 'Magic-Fill' isn't inserting Uname & Password on some Sites ! Hereby one of those sites: https://www.mizrahi-tefahot.co.il/en/bank/pages/default.aspx#hd=0 Any ideas would be appreciated. Note: Currently am running v- , but It's not working on v-4.4.8.xxxx as well. ThanX
  8. Thanks, Seams that we are both sorry about it ... Lolll Cheers OdY
  9. Hello Whenever I click the "T" icon on MaxSnap, the default text font is " Segoe UI" I would like to change it to "Arial" and fix it as a new default text font. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks.