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  1. I dunno, you answered your own question within your post. Q: Why can't it be that simple? A: it's hard to say what exactly needs to be changed, as it's not a case of changing a line that says "version=5.0.1" to "version=5.0.2" to make it compatible. It really does depend on what was changed. On top of not knowing what I need to change if it did need to be changed, even if I did know, say it was an addition to the 'settings' menu. How does that help me with figuring out what to change and how does that affect the skin? Are you saying that if the version update isn't going to affec
  2. Well I'm sure I could figure it out, however it can't be that simple. Yeah, CSS and HTM stuff to edit, but there must be some file I need to change in order to make it compatible with other versions. Could somebody tell me what that is or am I expected to figure that out myself?
  3. That's exactly what I've been asking how to do for two full months now.
  4. So I can use those included skins? Can I update them myself to work with new versions... somehow?
  5. The skin I used caused no problems. @BugSir006, I have already looked on this website. Perhaps I have missed it, but where are these brilliant MX5 skins you're talking about? Please link me. @karajan I am quite aware that MX5 is in early dev, but believe it or not - in this beta phase, it is superior to other browsers that have more skin availability. From what I could tell from the Macaw skin, it wasn't hard to update the skin files every beta update, as it was out within a few days of every update (likely longer than a day only because the skin creator wasn't totall
  6. Macaw thread was deleted. I hate looking at this pasty white browser. Any skins or tutorials on how to skin?