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  1. ... I tried with portable version, and still no go. if it's a setting, then it's outside maxthon (windows 10 ? graphic card ?)
  2. all programs eat more and more ram, and computers get more and more powerful too.. Windows 3.1 was available via 720 KB floppy distribution and required a 286 PC with 1 MB of RAM to run....
  3. sorry but I can't try, needs to be registered to be able to rate. did you try to disable ABplus ?
  4. and I also hope Lizzie won't check all those addresses one by one...
  5. still does not work with portable version ! looks similar with twitter video issue although I don't get any warning ("browser does not support etc...")
  6. http://www.hitbox.tv/mxbones confirmed, does not start either ultra nor retro, ABP disabled works on edge (although buffering)
  7. But did you perform a clean install ? if you have a passport, unsinstall the previous version and clear (backup) your user data before install
  8. no, I did the same, and finally received 2 emails lol
  9. hopefuly there will be a global fix, and they won't have to send emails one by one lol !
  10. for the record, I had to change my passport email 2 years ago because I didn't receive any email, several email providers seem to blacklist maxthon.com (ie orange.fr, and some other). I changed my passport email to gmail and so far I have no issue to recieve emails from maxthon with my gmail account .
  11. thank you.. I thought you had found a trick to show logo or screenshot "per site", which would be great for sites like FB or Youtube
  12. adding slashes changes the colour of the tile, but does not change the logo into a screenshot, or at least not here.
  13. it's probably not a setting, it does not work on portable version either.
  14. same here, can't confirm (windows 10 x64)
  15. I confirm all points... and I also regret there's no most recent responce choice.
  16. don't know, won't go back to work until monday (no issue here, windows 10)
  17. ok I can confirm this : follow this link : https://www.rt.com/news/346155-germany-eu-pew-poll/ bottom of the page there's a conversation in UR browser (chrome based browser). I tried in maxthon, both ultra and retro, abp+ enabled or disabled : no conversation, same in EDGE : no conversation either
  18. I confirm, although issue is solved at home for windows 10, I have the same issue at work (windows 7)
  19. try this link : https://twitter.com/dog_rates doesn't work in ultra, only works in retro here
  20. ( cakebox icon is missing in both maxthon and edge) maxthon Edge
  21. then it should be marked "pending" and not "solved" !
  22. please tell devs to stop removing features, if not they might remove the users too....