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  1. You have to enable in settings "Update the beta version"
  2. Question is: why its turned off and night mode turned one?
  3. If they did changes to chromium updating to newer version without changes should help them to see where errors is, no?
  4. They really should update core first and than check if any of exisiting issues are still here. I will not be surprised if some issues are because of ore being severely outdated.
  5. You tell us this every time, but what we get is bugs and issues that still not fixed.
  6. Hi roguelike, would you like to add the BSV address to your personal profile? I will give you some Vpoints. ?


    1. roguelike


      I'm not interested in this thing.

  7. What I really don't lke about MX6 is size of tabs. Look at this and compare MX5, Vivaldi, MX6 and FireFox (Opera GX have same tab size as MX5). Maxthon 6 have biggest tab of all. also bookmarks are way bigger then in MX5, because it doesn't cut text from them how it does MX5. At this moment, without functions that MX5 have by default: Snap, Video Pop-up and download, External Tools (love it, very useful) and External Download Manager MX looks and feels like another Chromium clone. Also I don't like how in MX6 "Recently visited sites" was made. Its easier for me to click on little arrow then do RMB click. At least Passkeeper on PC works now...
  8. I don't think so. MX6 is more chromium style, if there any extension on chrome exstesion store you can try find them.
  9. 1. I really hope that with MX6 there will be no issues with browsers core be outdated in few month like it always happened to MX5. 2. Also, hope there will be more stuff to answer to users questions (cause BugSir doing this alone whole time) and MX6 devs will communicate more ofter to those who chose this browser years ago.
  10. When you trying search something on google and duckduckgo search pages are zoomed out and looks like this Google Duckduckgo
  11. No, its ok, and you can open sites in this tab. First opened tab just opens in second tab leaving first empty.