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  1. Did you deactivate the extension, or stopped blocking the page you mentioned? To activate it again, from settings / functions and addons To re-block the page, from the extension itself (red icon, top right)
  2. First, I think you should upgrade to some newer stable version. Since version that you have been quite stable versions. Locate within your profile de maxthon, the \AdBlock\ folder, with closed maxthon, delete it or better rename it. In theory, you will only see a single list, with which you will have to reconfigure it.
  3. !!! AT LAST !!!!, v5.2.4.3000 Portable Tested with the 3 links of this same thread (I've tried some more and it seems to work) Hoping it will not bother the next time you change core blink to a more modern one
  4. If you talk to me about banks, surely we are, again, talking about different things. In my country, Spain, (although I just had a quick look at some Frances), as far as I know, no bank uses a digital certificate for login, they are only used by state administrations and autonomous communities for negotiations with the public. I went through the forum in Spain to see if there was movement, and to be able to throw a question there as a test. It would not be too much for you to propose in that forum, that they will refuel you if they have errors with digital certificates of the fnmt, or any compatible and they will show you their results.
  5. I take it for granted that you are not deceiving me, of course, but I have not seen any evidence that what you say has worked (on the contrary, I have provided evidence to the contrary), and that is what I am asking. Reading the thread, until very recently, you did not understand what we were talking about when talking about a digital certificate, later not even the dev team seemed to have any to try these configurations, as you will understand, the fact that you have solved, as you say , the problems to some users, does not guarantee the fact that it is what has been fixed, and more without those tests that I ask (captures, videos, etc.), because we may be talking about different things again, isto what happened throughout this post And as I told you, if by users, we understand different machines, I already told you that in which I manage does NOT work as it should, neither in current OS like win10, neither in win8.1, nor in win7 (with different configurations, different installed programs, newly installed OS, etc, and always from the maxthon series, with clean maxthon installations. Sincerely, I do not know the development team, has come to perform as many tests as I do in this 4 months in different machines, seriously, I only ask you, those tests that work for you, if not, I can not believe you, I'm sorry. (I know what I see, and you have also seen the same, but I have not seen anything that you tell me)
  6. I understand that you have tested them too with other users, is that true? Can you put the screenshots or videos of how it works correctly what I said above? Because I'm putting in this thread a lot of info commenting on the error, but I do not see that after that statement you have put something that tells me otherwise. Does your digital certificate have a passwd for use when the browser accesses this certificate? Can you confirm this last?
  7. Sorry to disappoint the development team, but it has NOT been corrected, I'm sorry for you (I manage a lot of machines with different OS and configurations and the same thing happens in all of them) As it is said here, it is not a good idea to sell the milk before having the cow. The truth is that after many months with this problem I am already tired of lending my time and desire, seriously, and more seeing that I think they do not even test what is indicated and how they are indicated. Because one thing is that they do not know how to fix it, I would understand it, but another is that even if they do not know what they are talking about, what makes them think
  8. I, (neither my machine or configuration), we have no problem Feeling it a lot is not going to be possible. On the one hand the wifi connection that I have (3 mg down / 1 mg up) "barely" gives for web browsing, and on the other the issue of digital certificates is sensitive enough to allow support on that same issue via remote control. You just have to check it (as it has been repeated throughout all these previous months), with the series (and previous series), and you will quickly see what is happening (which you probably already know too well, but not how to fix it)
  9. It seems that there is less work left to do At least with the blink engine, it finally asks for the digital certificate, although it still gives an error when it should ask for the password to access the certificate In contrast with IE engine or versions, this is the result
  10. Well, it seems that there is movement in the issue of digital certificate login, although it does not work :-) Portable versions V and V new installations
  11. Seriously !!!, in bad place you are leaving a development team, if the "problem" is not having or getting a personal digital certificate, seriously I hallucinate in colors thx , gudkov, because this (about the development team) already scratches the paranormal (and just need to explain it with apples)
  12. With all my respect to the maxhon team, we've been doing this for almost 5 months, since the first, I think that in software issues, it's a long time.
  13. We remain the same, nothing on the horizon. I do not know why you want people to give you feedback with the problems they are encountering, if you do not want (or do not know how) to solve them later. From pissed I have gone to disappointed (or vice versa, I do not know) with your "company"
  14. In a few days, I will have to enroll in my studies again. I had to manage a sick leave I have collected a business certificate. I have lowered my working life. and etc etc, in less than a week. Thanks to Maxthon (series v5.2.xxxx), which is not able to do this as it should, I have discovered how much other navigators have advanced in usability (I imagine that it is a matter of changing the way of working) thx , Maxthon
  15. !!!! And in the episodes of the new season, "do things as badly, that users are the least" !!!! Error, Error, Error !!!!! (core blink) Versions portables , V and Beta V
  16. It's more common than you imagine :-) At least in the EU area, and in particular is spain (which is what I know). For any procedure with the public administration, you need a digital certificate (if you do not want to endure long queues and lose time). With the same universities, with medical services, financial institutions, ect .. Is that we are not talking about a "feature" that defines a browser, we are talking about the management of that browser with the pages that ask for an electronic certificate. NO browser that has tested has that problem, because as I mentioned it is not a lack of a feature, but a failure in the development of a browser-specific function (to give you a similar example, it's as if in a browser update, it did do not manage encrypted SSL connections with the web in https:// ) I am clear that it is not a feature not implemented, but a tremendous failure of implementation and a lack of response (on the part of support and development) of the company that develops it, either due to lack of resources or ignorance (seen the last comments on the matter). But the advertising in the browser, that's not missing, especially with the cryptocurrency theme :-(
  17. We continue the same as 2 months ago !!! , digital certificates with core blink do not work. Maxthon v portable
  18. Do not worry, while we wait, we are getting more publicity
  19. I must do something wrong, because from that url I can not access (I do not ask for a certificate (neither with maxthon, nor with other browsers), but from this url, it looks fast if it fails or not (if ask for the certificate) No need to register, with the icon of the "certificate", it is checked whether the request to use the certificate is skipped or not. But the problem remains the same, if the maxthon development team does not have a personal digital certificate, they will not be able to prove anything