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  1. The question solved independently. The password file was decrypted. Logins and passwords were extracted.

    I used Maxthon from the first versions, and the development of the browser was pleasant up to 4xxx versions. It began to consume too many resources, and often I observe a memory leak. And there is a lack of a full-fledged store of extensions, and the extensions themselves are too small. And the implementation of import / export of passwords, with the protection of the database by double authentication.And I do not abandon Maxthon, I hope that he will become the best.

    1. BugMiss006


      Thanks for your reply and kind explanation! Now I understand your concern and respect that.

      The main aim for MX5 is to help users do more on their information management. With these handy function added, the file becomes bigger and for some devices, it seems to be heavier. But we are trying our best to improve it after the release version. I hope we can have more breakthroughs on these aspects.

      Thanks for your suggestion and feedback!


    2. MxBob


      Same here, I'm using Maxthon since the launch and it's still my primary browser although some online banking sites refuse it. But to answer your question for feedback among the 3 comments: I am not abandoning Maxthon, only the Microsoft spyworld. So after installing my distro of Linux I was badly surprised I won't be able to continue Maxthon with the huge database of Logins and data that I've created over the years, Maxthon for linux was stopped in some ancient times by version 1.0.5 or so. This old version cannot be installed because of dependencies in linux, it required libgcrypt11 etc. but my current library is e.g. libgcrypt20 etc. If there would be cloud Maxthon version for Linux I would not need to search for ways how to somehow export all the login data to a file.