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  1. BugMiss006's post in Want to reinstall Snap was marked as the answer   
    iruu replied at 2015-3-12 15:11
    Hi No.1MaxthonFan
    I don't yet understand how to use Snap so I can paste in an image here so hope t ...


    Thank you for your information.
    According to the picture you provided, it seems that there are maxthon default extensions missing in the directory "%Appdata%\Maxthon3\Public\Addons ".
    Please reinstall Maxthon again. If you have already reinstalled but the problem still exists, please try to manually copy the file found in installation directory "Appdata\Maxthon3\Public\Addons" to"%Appdata%\Maxthon3\Public\Addons"

    Hope the information could help you.
    Thank you for your support.

  2. BugMiss006's post in Can not login to fav.maxthon.com was marked as the answer   

    Sorry for this inconvenience.
    Here I tried to test it, but it works fine here.
    Please try to clear Cookies and Cache files then try again.
    If this issue still exists, would you please tell us this issue occur on other browser(IE etc.)?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you for your support.