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  2. The older version, thats the one the front page gave me a month ago. I'm gonna try the beta then. I installed it and I still got the missing objects inside the game, maybe a little bit less bit still unplayable at times.
  3. Hi there, are you using the latest beta version If you use the older version, please try this issue in v5.3.8.2100.
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  5. I've been using Maxthon since MyIE2. But I am very unhappy that the horizontal scrolling pages has been removed from the QuickAccess!!!
  6. There is one addictive game I've been playing, although it has an android app and it can be run on his own webpage, the progress are binded to the place, so my progress in facebook cannot be continued in the other places. That being said, I've been suffering with some issues inside the game in Maxthon 5, primarly that objects dissapear to the point that most of the screen can be in blank. I've tried uninstalling maxthon with no avail, even with revouninstaller. Obviously I tried cleaning the cache and everything else, still getting bugs. The game runs fine in vivaldi and opera browsers (havent tried in other ones yet). Hope someone can give me a hint on how to fix it.
  7. I've been using Maxthon since Maxthon2, is not always the best browser, but is the browser I love. Some of it's native build in features are those tiny details that I love. One thing that I love too is that Maxthon is pretty much virus-inmune, hope it will keep staying that way.
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  9. Hi BugSir006, you are right, but I'm using Maxthon since MyIE2 and I have never changed since then. Only when my Company requests me to use the corporate web browser. I have the curioisty to see how good is MX6 compared to MX5 which I'm using right now.
  10. There are no specific steps. Just opening the browser and surfing. Ok do not have the focus only to Maxthon. 2-3 other programmes running (Telegram, File Manager and a Torrent client QBittorrent). Max tabs opened simultaneously are 3-5. Extensions activated are Lastpass and IDM. All bookmarks, history and passwords imported by my active Chrome browser. Thats it. Nothing more nothing less)
  11. Anyone has a working link or something about lastpass ?
  12. I'm a fan of maxthon since 2009 first time I downloaded it, thank you for your great job. I'm from Brazil and I have 27 years old
  13. This issue is odd. I have the similar issue in another software on my computer. It probably related to the network stability and the VPN or proxy provider.
  14. You could add the various extensions about the theme or skin to customize the background. 😊 Hi gmatas, thank you for your support.😊 But it seems that you didn't post any replies or discussions on our forum before🤣, do you have enough time to help us test the alpha version? Our product team will consider keeping many functions as the extensions.🤗
  15. my wife is going to kill you if you don't😁
  16. The product team considers adding these functions as extensions in the future version.
  17. Thank you for your feedback. The version of core of Maxthon 6 is Chromium 76, this issue will be improved in the future.
  18. Could you describe the steps cause this issue?
  19. Finally I found the solution of this lifelong not solved problem: the executable file (.exe) needs to be run with administrator rights. Reference: VB2008 GetObject throws Cannot create ActiveX component exception but Excel VBA works fine The solution is pretty frustrating: you have to run CATIA as an administrator...
  20. Just login in Retro then turn it back to Ultra
  21. Is it possible to join MX6 Alpha testing group?
  22. I get the same message with the same build, 900-D
  23. Hi, thanks for the reply .... maybe my previous post was not clear enough, I am referring to Maxthon for Android version Maxthon for Android doesn't have if I'm not mistaken that function, am I right? Is it possible to do something equally or not?
  24. Would there be a 64 bit version? Will chromium be updated more often than in Mx5? Would you give us a portable version?
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