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  2. Done that thanks but now opens with a google page in middle??????????? Sorry it is just an about blank page
  3. I also hope this could fix the "This web browser is not supported" issue at Tumblr and other websites including Tubi
  4. Hi there, it would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of this issue. Download link of the recording tool:
  5. Hi there, could you describe this issue in detail? It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video or screenshot.
  6. Hi there, try to install the latest version then try this issue again, please.
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  8. MX6 extensions appearing on homepage, then disappearing
  9. Last week
  10. Please. Could how explain how to use this feature "+Import the account data from Maxthon 5 manually" Jus
  11. Hi, when I added a shortcut to the 'new link' page I tried to add it to a folder which then disappeared. I had about 10 links to that folder, so instead of trying to remake the folder I went back to MX5. This occurrence happened in versions and of MX6
  12. Google maps bug still exist with this release It's still a bug with chromium but not canary dev Why don't you use canary instead of chromium channel
  13. another issue, have 2 pages to open as home pages, has worked like a dream in 5 version but 6 keeps open9ing a plain google page despite me having the 2 sites in the cusyom box am ok with way how favs are shown now if open from the Favourites imported that sits on bookmarks bar far left. Marcus
  14. You can't read the release note ? Why expecting in a version what is not done yet ? I think what you say in your message, they know it already. So what's the point ? I think you need to disable "Quick download" in the parameters.
  15. Thankes BugSir006 for your reply I was late to respond because I had a message saying that I have reached the limit and I have to wait 24 hours to be allowed to send messages I have attached the screen shoot and as you can see that it is not containing my original quick access the day of the problem when I logged in to my account I had a message saying (your account is not normal and it needs to log out and log in again) when I did so, it whipped all of my quick access and the one which is on the screen shoot attached is appeared it just bring the refresh one (as I am ju
  16. Thanks Zork. Maxthon seem to use the terms Theme and Skin interchangeably.
  17. In Mx release notes it says you can set the local images as the browser skins. How do you do this? In Mx 5 In Mx 6 Also bug with Snap screen/snap page palette (will not hide and no snap region) Also how do you import the account data from Maxthon 5 manually?
  18. Is there a way to rename a file and choose file location prior to downloading the file?
  19. Maybe this one? There are five parts. But this is for elementary extensions: sidebar, bookmarklets, scripts, menu, etc.
  20. I'm unable to change my avatar picture for my maxthon account for the browser, is anyone else having that issue? screenshot here
  21. Here below is a email received about this matter as had been communicating via email before posting but then had not heard for a few days hence post. I have gone ahead and set this new 6 version as browser but still have old version too. Marcus Hi there, Thank you for your reply. In Maxthon 6, the bookmarks won't be added to Maxnote, you can click the "star" button to add the website link to Bookmarks. Attached a screenshot for your reference. If you n
  22. Dear Maxers, We will maintain the database of this forum at 3:00-4:00 PM on Sep 17, 2020 (GMT+8). In this period of time, our forum could not be accessed as usual. If you have any questions please contact us at or Thank you for your comprehension. BugSir006
  23. It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of this issue. Download link of the recording tool:
  24. Thank you both! I have now deactivated the 2nd account.
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