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  1. This message appears: "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device" In details I can find : maxthon.exe --mx-firewall In two different Active Directory environments, there is the same problem. (Win7 and Win10) Interestingly, if I disagree and do not certify with administrator rights, Maxthon starts up and I can browse the Internet, and the firewall does not block. In version, Maxthon starts without the need for Administrator rights. Why doesn't it ask for Administrator in this version, but it does in newer versions?
  2. Why does Maxthon portable version (since need administrator rights?
  3. Dzięki. Mógłbyś dawać jakieś info co zostało przetłumaczone i co zmienione w istniejącym tłumaczeniu. Łatwiej nam będzie znaleźć ewentualne błędy.