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  4. Do you mean you cannot find how to open it?
  5. Could you describe this request in detail? A mouse gesture available on Maxthon 5 was the ability to save a site with a gesture. Or at least open up the save website option. Also, Maxthon 6 does not seem to be synchronizing with favorites in Maxthon IOS.
  6. R-E-S-O-U-R-C-E G-R-A-B-B-E-R !!!!!!!!!
  7. mx://last-visit/ going to come back in MX6?
  8. I continue to be pleased by the frequent version updates for MX6 -- so thanks. The speed and smoothness of the browser still appear to be big positives. I find myself going to MX6 more frequently now, and the speed is now rivaling if not exceeding Vivaldi and Opera (definitely better than latest Firefox builds).
  9. Nothing anywhere I found explains how I get to VBox? It is hinted, related to NBDomain but 1: wasn't in the intro video on NBDomain (I never actually got to be able to test it, asked to but NP there, I am just utterly confused where it is, not on the site) 2: is this related to call logs, and how? If it is a login cluster instead of a I am just totally confused This doesn't say, nor does it show in release notes, in my settings, nowhere in again, the nbdomain site ---
  10. Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been reported to the dev team. 😊 This request has been forwarded to the product team. We will optimize it in the future version. 😊
  11. 1. Theme color and title(Theme Name) not match. If refresh page, the Theme color in settings/appearance will change everytime. 2. Theme can not be delete.
  12. Hi BenReiley, you mean the search box? This suggestion has been submitted to the product team and it will be considered seriously.
  13. Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been reported to the dev team.😊 This issue has been reported to the dev team as a bug. Yes, you can go to Settings>Extensions. It has been reported to the dev team as a bug. Could you describe this request in detail?
  14. Currently, Vbox cannot be removed. This request has been submitted to the product team.😊
  15. Thanks. note to everybody -- if you can't get it to open, and directly running from the source says side-by-side configuration is wrong, and adding switches to disable the sandbox or gpu doesn't fix it.... Maxthon is running in the background (as Chrome in retrospect is supposed to do) That needs to be forcibly closed, even if you closed it before installing a new version, no window either nor icon in the taskbar. I am so dumb, it took me a week or 2 to figure that out
  16. Last week
  17. Hello can i ask something? Is this going to come back in MX6? that search box in the browser itself for quick access to google or whatever search engine you are using as default... can someone confirm this for me i would really like to know. MX6 is my browser i hated MX5 it was slow and couldnt even change my fonts but now i have MX6 and my fonts can change I LOVE IT!
  18. As you probably already noticed, Maxthon's Extensions Center is "frozen": the latest updated extension was Shopping Assistant (2019/08/01). I have upload a few updates for some of my extensions before I noticed that they are still "pending approved". Some of these are updated regularly, and I'm sure that many people still use and will use old versions of Maxthon with old extensions. So we need a plan B: what if we use the forum to post updates and new extensions? But I hope this is a temporary solution... In this thread I will post updates for my old extensions (and maybe new ones). If you upload your extension to the comments, I will edit the main post and add the link to your comment. It's a crutch, but right now it's the easiest way to share updates with users. Let's go! Twitter 2.3.8 (05.07.2019) - new menu and icons SaveTube (10.05.2020) - changelog Twitter 2.3.8.mxaddon SaveTube 2020.05.10.mxaddon
  19. Quick Save Images still doesn't work with Instagram. Mouse gestures needs the ability to save website like in Maxthon 5
  20. It is still not possible to move a tab from one window to the other one in split screen mode. I also could not find a button for split screen mode, but F10 works. Is it possible to install extensions now? It would be nice to at least have adblock installed.
  21. Why is url for YouTube on speed dial What is that website?
  22. Here it is. LastPass_for_Maxthon_4.1.44_(No_Binary_Features)_[Maxthon_4.0.3.3000+]_lpmaxthon.mxaddon
  23. Cool, .....but now begs the question of how M6 is able to access my desktop on a system level. Being able to capture it is one thing, but to alter it is something totally different.
  24. Hello , On this page, how can we delete call logs. Can this application be removed or hidden?
  25. Thank you very much.. i hope you can answer my other questions as well thank you in advance.. good day...
  26. The latest release is beta 2200, and I'm using it as my full-time every day browser with almost no problems. URL aliases are now available, but have been renamed. Open the Settings page and Advanced tab (mx://settings/advance), and see the "Direct URL" section. Expand the 'Set up push to talk' and 'Set website alias' options to actually set your shortcuts.
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