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I am using AdFender for a long. What I figured out was, I dont have to keep installing add-ons for each browser I use for my work. Recently I installed Maxthon browser for testing few things and to my surprise AdFender was blocking ads while using the same (other browser like K-Melon etc too). I never came across a situation where it was hogging the CPU and it provides a decent statistics of how many ads blocked, how much bandwidth it saved (My ISP works on Fair Usage policy).

Even though I got a list of features which I look for, it is doing the intended duty of blocking the ads very well with minor misses here and there. The miss is getting fixed with their continuous DB updates.

Difference between AdBlock Plus and AdFender is as follow

AdBlock Plus:

Needs to install this for each browser

Takes money from companies like Google and allow those ads to be bypassed (AdBlock Plus Acceptable Ads Program)

Works only with Browsers

N Browsers instances means, Multiple copies of the rules getting loaded. (Total waste of resource)

Works irrespective of the Protocols (HTTP or HTTPS)

Cross platform


Needs to install only once

No compromise on the adblocking. Blocks all ads as of now (Needs to figure out whether they also goes behind acceptable ads funda.)

Works even with P2P apps, Chat apps like Yahoo Messenger etc.

Efficient usage of the resource. Single copy of the rules/filters.

Works only with HTTP. Not sure whether AdFender is having a plan to support HTTPS.

Works only on WIndows. (AdFender any idea for MAC and Linux geeks)

Recently they released a new version 1.80 which provides some fixes and enhancements.

Anyway I love it..

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John.Smith replied at 2014-2-3 18:40 back.gif

I am using AdFender for a long. What I figured out was, I dont have to keep installing add-ons for e ...

Question is, Who is managing the rules. User needs to figure out and update? AdFender, Muncher etc they keep updating their rules periodically so that users get supported. Also I dont like keep installing addons for each browser. it should be one time and forget.

This is purely my view, since I use multiple browsers as part of my job.

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Imanerd replied at 2014-2-13 10:47 back.gif

please elaborate?

for the record, it's the previously latest beta...but that's because it offers port exceptions config - something the most recent final does NOT offer. plus one version...not important, right? it's the lists that matter in my opinion. the software itself works finely. port exceptions are least to me.

also iblocklist should give you some blocklists to use...


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why original AdHunter stoped working like it was? before i could while editing rules click on anything on page and add link = now there is no such thing as "click to block" at all :(

yet, is there a way to set rules for AdHunter or anuthing other for now image downloading/blocking?(like those addons for flash =push to load it)

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Ipnos replied at 2014-3-8 02:58 back.gif

Sorry if my english is bad, I'm Mexican and I love this broswer, but plenty trouble advertising, wou ...

Welcome to the forum. And your English is just fine.

Have you enabled AdHunter? 7100


post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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