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+ Added locked tab and scrolling tab interaction settings
+ Added minimize button to quick note
+ Added tab folding to display more tabs
- Optimised Maxthon note sharing page
* Fixed label abnormal sleep issue
* Fixed Win11 menu display incompleteness issue
* Fixed bookmark menu maximum width setting not affecting submenus issue
* Fixed new tab page not displaying control bar flickering issue
* Fixed incorrect order when opening all bookmarks issue
* Fixed browser window state inconsistency when opened by login and before closing issue

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13 hours ago, thereddevilrulez said:

The above reported bookmark bug is present in this version. Recap: bookmarks are opening at the end to all tabs instead of opening next to the active tab.

Hi thereddevilrulez, I will report this bug to the development team.

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15 hours ago, 30312516 said:

Tab height problem is not fixed.

more than two monitors, if one window is maximized and the other windows are not. 

the height of tab is changed 

Hi 30312516, are all your DPI settings for all 3 monitors the same?

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