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  1. Hi, appreciate all the work by MX6 team and BugSir006's & BugSir009's tireless replies. Suggestion: To show all the search engines in a right click sub-menu, inside default search in order to search dynamically on-the-fly, while preserving the default setting. Please see image below: Also, delete in right click is still missing.
  2. Tried multiple times as well as on newly extracted MX6 portable folders. The imported History from Installed MX5 is only a couple of months instead of years i.e. partial import.
  3. Hi BugSir006, My MX5 has always been an installed local guest account and testing with portable MX6 64-bit on Windows 10.
  4. History import from MX5 is still not working with this version MX6.1.2.1900.
  5. Am using the Maxthon 5 installation version and trying to migrate it into Maxthon 6 portable. Also tried multiple times with multiple Mx6 Portable extracted in different drives too, but same result. I do remember some time ago Maxthon5 was crashing a lot after some update and probably had issues with history but it skipped over and started creating History_Part_xxxxNUMxxx.dat files along with History.dat. Perhaps Maxthon6 is not traversing all the history part dat files of Maxthon5. The files are located at: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\guest\History. My installed Maxthon5 shows data from 2012, Sadly I cannot migrate to Maxthon 6 without all my history Is there any way to merge all the history_part_XXX.dat files into a single file so that import will be easier?? And sorry about remote debug, please understand. Also, missing the calendar feature to navigate history please consider adding it to Maxthon 6.
  6. Hi BugSir006, Thank you for recording my requests. Why a video? I simply click on 'Import local data and HTML file..' and select Maxthon5(Guest) and checked box of Browsing history, since the rest have imported fine, and click Ok. Then i open mx://history/ and only June 2021 23 22 is shown on the left. If i search for some earlier visited site, then history shows empty result. Please don't ask me to send out personal data. Why don't you send me the tools or scripts to check if Mx5 history dat files are alright or not? I would be happy to test it out.
  7. I tried importing multiple times from the same way as above but no use. I have years of history (upto History_Part_127.dat & history folder is 477mb). Using Mx6 portable Version (64-bit) 0618. I am using Maxthon since To the other issue: There is no 'Delete' option in any of mx6 text boxes in websites (even quick access bar) but the main address bar has it. Cut, copy, paste and delete are standard options basically in any app. Can't use 'Undo' as Delete, i hope you understand. Thanks and Regards.
  8. Hi BugSir006 and MX team, First of all... Thank you guys. Please consider a few of my requests and help with issues. 1) Ask for confirmation while deleting a bookmark or at-least swap Edit and Delete. 2) After pasting any copied text into any website's (for e.g. google) text box requires 'delete' option below cut, copy, paste for the pasted and highlighted text. 3) Just migrated from Mx5 guest to Mx portable and only 3 days of history was imported. Some help needed here. Regards.