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  1. PFA.... Same as others, magic dragon ate all saved passwords.20211022.log
  2. If login Data of 3200 could not be used in 3100, then how should one update the portable version?
  3. Am waiting for more than a year to install MX6 over the installed MX5 one but still unsatisfied and with open issues like lack of complete history transfer from MX5 etc... are giving me pause. Hence sticking to portable version and it should not really matter whether its portable or installed, for the browser to function properly.
  4. Here's how i update the portable version: Main Folder at C.\MaxthonPortable ; Extract maxthon_portable_6.1.2.3200_beta_x64.zip into C while overwriting chrome_proxy.exe and Maxthon.exe; After that, delete folder and run Maxthon.exe without touching anything else. So when something goes really wrong (like this version loses passwords access for guest) i then exited MX6 and extracted maxthon_portable_6.1.2.3100_beta_x64.zip into C, while overwriting chrome_proxy.exe and Maxthon.exe; After that, delete folder and run Maxthon.exe without touching anything else. But this time x64 loses access to passwords as well. So i opened an old system backup and replaced the entire folder but lost some bookmarks and about a week of history but MX x64 is now able to access passkeeper. Hope this is clear enough. Also, +1 for MX5 style bookmarks scrolling.
  5. My portable mx6 guest version too lost all passwords for this beta version Went back to still no use (i have not logged into online account), checked User Data\Maxthon Guest Profile folder and 'Login Data' file seemed intact. Luckily had an old backup and restored the User Data folder for and is ok. This is a lesson for others as well: to completely backup all MX6 folders before trying any new version.
  6. Sorry BugSir006, cannot send out my history but will be happy to test any special MX6 test builds if you guys want. Has the limit on the number of records imported removed? Also, requesting anyone else with years of history with MX5 installed (preferably as Guest) to import into a Portable MX6 version to verify.
  7. History still not fully imported from MX5 guest as reported multiple times.
  8. Please make it the way it was all this while (before this version 2901), like tabs opening in the same place as positioned instead of swapping the 30th or so active tab.
  9. Please look into my reported issue as well.
  10. Then perhaps some extension like Tab Manager Plus or Tabli.
  11. I have mx://flags/ #scrollable-tabstrip and #scrollable-tabstrip-buttons enabled and working fine until, but locks a tab after a few tabs (maybe around 30) and keeps opening further tabs by swapping the order instead of in place. @observer, try the above options to see all tabs in one row with mouse wheel scrollable.
  12. I have records from 2012 (successfully imported from previous Maxthon versions). Only a couple of months of records are being imported and definitely not even 720 days. I also tried freshly extracting 32bit (maxthon_portable_6.1.2.2600_beta_x86) as well as 64 bit (maxthon_portable_6.1.2.2600_beta_x64) portable versions into new folders and tried importing installed MX5 guest account from scratch but again and again same result.
  13. Just tried and still did not import all history.
  14. Issue 1) Delete missing in right click menu: Issue 2) Open bug in history import (years of records not imported):
  15. + Added the option to the right-click menu for searching the selected content + Added the calendar option to the History page Thank you guys for adding my suggestions. Now please fix the history import issue from mx5 before the public release version so that when mx6 installer claims perfect migration from mx5 it will be true and one can finally remove mx5.
  16. Hi, appreciate all the work by MX6 team and BugSir006's & BugSir009's tireless replies. Suggestion: To show all the search engines in a right click sub-menu, inside default search in order to search dynamically on-the-fly, while preserving the default setting. Please see image below: Also, delete in right click is still missing.