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Hi All

Today I upgraded from the V 5 to Version (64-bits) 1114

what I notice and I miss, is the ''download'' button option to download an embedded video.This would normally pop-up in V5(top corner or bottom corner of the embedded video, depending where the mouse was) whenever a video was getting played(embedded) on the browser.

This does not show up any more and now there's a 'popup' button that shows up ( pl. see the attached file). This does not have the same functionality.

How can I get the original functionality back here ?

Thanks in advance.

M6 issue.png

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Your have to use resource sniffer or a third party downloader to download at the moment. The present MX6 popup is Picture in Picture not Resizeable Window as it was in MX5.

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It's in the right-click context menu, but available only for sites which allow download.

For eg you'll find it's greyed-out on youtube videos.

You'll also have to click in various places in the video to trigger the browser context menu if the site player has its own context menu.

Also, some sites disable right-click so use an extension for that.

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