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  1. BugSir006 exactly what the doctor ordered.! Thank You all .! ( I will prefer the in-built functionality )
  2. Hi is there an Auto refresh functionality for the page in Maxthon ? that means I would like to refresh a specific page say after 30 seconds or 90 seconds or 100 seconds- ...such extensions do exist for Firefox chrome but when I searched it on Google for maxthon , I did not find anything. so if there is an Auto refresh functionality for Maxthon (or extension) then I would like to know that thanks ! I am on version
  3. Hi there firstly Thanks mate as I am seeing it now, it has begun doing what its supposed to do. I just cant put a finger here at all, it was like that (topic starter) & for more than a few times but as I am testing it now, its back to the windows default behaviour(which is what I want). feel a bit embarrassed here , but alls well that ends well I guess....& will definitely jump onto it if this happens again. This time I will make a video ..lest it happens snip Let me close this one here . Thanks and cheers
  4. Hi All I am on Maxthon version when I want to reduce the size of the browser window with the 'rectangle ' button (pl see image: ) the whole browser window just disappears( as if it has been "rolled down".) Hereafter I have not found a way to put the browser back and 'up' again. This is not the behaviour I was expecting - as per the default windows behaviour. The 'rectangle ' button is actually the part of the famous three: "close button", "zoom button", "minimize button" My Question : so how can I reduce the size of the maxthon window , just like the windows Maximise/Minimise button ( the 'rectangle ' button ) ? Thanks in advance