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  1. After I opened the page in chromium, the maxthon page also opened correctly and looks proper now as in the following screenshots. It was not like that in maxthon previously, but exactly like the screenshot in OP's 1st post. But I noticed the carousel is gone now. Maybe the page has been updated?
  2. It's in the right-click context menu, but available only for sites which allow download. For eg you'll find it's greyed-out on youtube videos. You'll also have to click in various places in the video to trigger the browser context menu if the site player has its own context menu. Also, some sites disable right-click so use an extension for that.
  3. I have the exact same problem if viewed in ultra mode. In retro mode on the other hand, there's no overlapping of images and text but the carousel thing doesn't work and only the first image is presented as a static image so I reckon there's still something wrong there.
  4. Resizing the pop-up video window does not work when using the bottom resizing handle. It instead latches onto the progress bar and skips the video. Top, left and right resizing handles work fine. I think the progress bar overlay is set on the same line/border as the pop-up window bottom border. Video.mp4
  5. Video32.mp4 Cannot get the cursor into the mouse-over dropdown list.