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  1. Encountering stuttering/low frame rates on the pop-up video in fullscreen mode. This DOES NOT always happen but is more apparent if other tabs are open and you browse other tabs before coming back to the pop-up window and entering fullscreen. How to replicate: (1) Go to youtube (2) Play any video, preferably 1080p50fps or 1080p60fps (3) Pop up the video in the pop-up window. (4) Double-click on the pop-up window to enter fullscreen mode. (5) Video stuttering will sometimes be observed. Again, I only noticed this happening in this version. Previous versions were all fine.
  2. Yes, enabling smart address bar did the trick. But I'm pretty sure that I had it off all the while cos I don't like the suggestions and it worked just fine. Something must have changed in this version. Anyway, guess it is what it is.
  3. Typing something in the address bar and pressing "Enter" does not initiate a search.
  4. Works initially, but after leaving the browser open and unattended for a while and coming back, QA just defaults to a white page when opening a new tab.