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7 hours ago, skidude said:

History: No I do not have any delays when searching through History which goes back over a year on my PC. 

Backup: I do a weekly backup but have had problems unzipping and restoring it using Peazip. I have had to use a different decompressor to get this to work this week. Macrium is a good idea though I will have a look at that if it will do selective Folder and file saves. 

It doesn't get any better than Macrium :). I make a backup every evening of the C disk, about 400Gb of files at once with maximum compression.
In the sense, a full new copy of the disk is made once a week, then the full disk image from last week is replaced. And such an automatic operation takes about 37 minutes with verification (it does it unnoticed in the background with little load on the computer) and super compression (saves about 170GB) and for the rest of the week a daily differential copy in the evening of what has changed in the files, what has arrived on the disk and this takes about 5-7 minutes. If you delete something from the disk or download it from the Internet, Windows will make any changes to its Macrium files, so in a few seconds at the end of the day it sums up and in a few minutes a copy of all changes relative to the full image is made.

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15 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi cpNet, could you please send your phone number including the area code to me?

Please try to send the verification code again.

I am still getting "999: service is busy"

Is there a way to send you my phone number privately?

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