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  1. It doesn't get any better than Macrium :). I make a backup every evening of the C disk, about 400Gb of files at once with maximum compression. In the sense, a full new copy of the disk is made once a week, then the full disk image from last week is replaced. And such an automatic operation takes about 37 minutes with verification (it does it unnoticed in the background with little load on the computer) and super compression (saves about 170GB) and for the rest of the week a daily differential copy in the evening of what has changed in the files, what has arrived on the disk and this takes about 5-7 minutes. If you delete something from the disk or download it from the Internet, Windows will make any changes to its Macrium files, so in a few seconds at the end of the day it sums up and in a few minutes a copy of all changes relative to the full image is made.
  2. For me, after updating from version ... 1600, the history file has not broken and I have it intact. I recommend automatic image capture every evening at the end of the day using e.g. free Macrium Software. It is easy to read the disgusts from the last days and, for example, replace the Maxthon catalog and the history, and everything returns to normal :). You can try to right-click the history file and select Restore previous versions, it is possible Windows has kept these previous versions! If not, run the Windows System Restore tool and go back to the previous day, or even earlier (but create a new restore point before this operation and save the project files or other important files that you created after the date of the restore point you want to go back to). and Maxthon's history will be restored :). restore the entire disk image from today and replace the entire Maxthon directory with AppData from a pendrive BTW: When you have history, e.g. from the last few weeks, is the list of pages from a given day or searching for a specific word slow on your computer? For me, I have to load all page thumbnails in the history list to be able to scroll the window down. And they often load slowly
  3. I must admit that history is running very slowly again. Both searching and loading the page with results (you have to wait as the thumbnails of the page icons slowly load to scroll down the page) I think there is no need to record a movie and everyone can check it at home (is it only with me?) I have a super fast 5950X and 64GB RAM, I have been servicing computers for over a dozen years, I know about it and everything is OK in my system. In other browsers like Opera, the history Edge works lightning fast
  4. Hi! Now i have V6.1.3.3000 and now history is super fast THANKS!!!
  5. Is there any chance that the performance of the history will speed up? Because despite various improvements to the performance of the history, the speed has remained unchanged for many months. When scrolling down the list of pages viewed, you still have to wait for the thumbnails to load slowly. Searching for specific words/pages in the history is also slow. I think this is blamed on the use of a very heavy database written many years ago for the history module. If the history entries were based on text only the search would be lightning fast, but today it works on a 5950X just like on a Core 2 Duo in 2008 in other browsers I know it's the umpteenth time I've posted and asked to improve the story, but I use it often at work and outside of work. And the long wait for results really wastes time and is discouraging...