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  1. Hi BugSir006 Thanks for the quick response and interest! You know, before my reply in this topic was accepted and you wrote your reply, I installed the latest beta version with tip 801 and deleted all history. And now it works much faster! . I'm using the "Workona" plugin and it generates a lot of history items every time I open different tab groups. Previously I had a few thousand items and the history couldn't handle it. Similarly, the history started working after refreshing the tab. In 3 days I will see if I am still missing entries from 3 days ago The thing that could be improved and would be useful is the date next to each item found in the history after entering a specific search term. This would be information on what day those particular pages were visited. It would make work easier. And a few days ago, I was in the city center and wanted to quickly exchange currency at an online currency exchange service I've been using for a few days, but I forgot its name/website address. So I quickly went to Google Play store and installed Maxthon 6 on my phone, logged into my Maxthon account that I use on my computer to sync Maxthon with my computer, history of visited sites and completion of entered addresses on my computer. I typed in the beginning of a website name but Maxthon on the phone did not suggest any web address previously used in the desktop version, which it does normally on the computer. So neither history nor typed pages were transferred to the phone. I also couldn't view my open tabs on my computer(as is the case with Chrome and Opera on Android). It would be great if these things were made available to Maxthon on the phone Everyone could then work efficiently away from home.
  2. The biggest problem is Page History working! I have been using Maxthon since 2005, then a long break and checking various browsers over the years. And I am sorry to admit that even in Maxthon 6 when it comes to history, it is tragic .. THIS is the worst history among all popular browsers :(. It made me think today about returning to opera / chrome. former IT technician and I know my stuff here are the problems with history that are still present even in the latest beta version. 1.very, very slow performance, especially after typing a search word (I have a fast processor and a lot of RAM) 2. Delete history older than 2-3 days !! 3. When history gets stuck while searching entered password and this tab is refreshed, history stops working at all. When someone uses a computer to work, History is very often used, and the one from Maxthon is very discouraging Please fix the history and it is best to make it look and work at least as well as in Chrome and Opera