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  1. Hi! Now i have V6.1.3.3000 and now history is super fast THANKS!!!
  2. Is there any chance that the performance of the history will speed up? Because despite various improvements to the performance of the history, the speed has remained unchanged for many months. When scrolling down the list of pages viewed, you still have to wait for the thumbnails to load slowly. Searching for specific words/pages in the history is also slow. I think this is blamed on the use of a very heavy database written many years ago for the history module. If the history entries were based on text only the search would be lightning fast, but today it works on a 5950X just like on a Core 2 Duo in 2008 in other browsers I know it's the umpteenth time I've posted and asked to improve the story, but I use it often at work and outside of work. And the long wait for results really wastes time and is discouraging...
  3. Hi! something is happening to History again. The list of pages viewed on a given day is loaded several times slower. And scrolling down the list while waiting for the next items from earlier hours to be loaded, it is also much longer! You have to wait for the web page icons to load to be able to scroll further and icons are loading much slower now!