"kʞ" addons - my Extensions for Maxthon Community :)


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I present you a simple list of my Maxthon Cloud extensions.

I am an author of over a dozen Maxthon extensions (addons) with over 350.000 downloads ;)

You can find all of my Extensions searching for "kʞ" string (there is no way to show all author-specific addons uploaded by one person so this is a small trick - all my extensions have unique "kʞ" in its description)

Facebook Lite (simple version)


Facebook (Social Network Sidebar) kʞ


Google+ Lite (Google Plus Social Network) kʞ


Google+ (Google Plus Social Network) kʞ


Google Calendar Sidebar (Personal Organizer) kʞ


Google Translate (Translator and Dictionary) kʞ


Google Reader - (RSS, ATOM & Feeds) kʞ


WolframAlpha (Calculator & Knowledge Database) kʞ


Send to Phone via QR Code kʞ


Last.fm sidebar kʞ


Dropbox (Storage drive & share your files) kʞ


eBay Maxthon 3 Auction Sidebar kʞ


YouTube (Video, Movies, Films, TV) kʞ


Gtalk Instant Messenger (Google Talk) kʞ


meebo (IM,Messenger,Facebook Chat,Jabber,GTalk) kʞ 


Addons for Polish users:

jakdojade.pl - Transport i Komunikacja miejska


INTERIA - Poczta e-mail kʞ


BZ WBK (Bank Zachodni WBK) PL kʞ


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Herzekhiel replied at 2013-7-2 07:02 back.gif

Well i want it in my sidebar tough..

That requires a skin mod, if it can be done, that is. Then every time you upgrade, it will have to be redone. Quite a hassle when it's already available.

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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konieckropka replied at 2013-7-6 06:55 back.gif

Imanerd, great plugin you made ;)

Please post it to Maxthon Extensions website ;)

I already have last night. Still awaiting approval. And thanks, no problem.

edit: and STILL awaiting approval


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Imanerd replied at 2013-7-8 16:53 back.gif

reject reason: not suitable for sidebar.

the system is rubbish - they either want user input or they do not - i only sent 2 for approval to test the system - one as i remember was skynotes in the toolbar - the reason for rejection was

we have this in the dock/sidebar

when i queried this i was told Jeff thinks the Dock is the way forward

well for reasons not given its now been added to the toolbar in the latest betas

not only is the system rubbish its not consistent - it should not be a matter of rejection through is it useful or not - simply is the code correct - after that its user choice

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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tony. replied at 2013-7-8 11:13 back.gif

the system is rubbish - they either want user input or they do not - i only sent 2 for approval to ...

I will ALWAYS continue to SUPPORT Maxthon and be a PROUD member and patriot of it, and I will ALWAYS recommend to other people, but I have to agree with you on this one.

Sorry, Jeff, Karl, Eric, and all you other guys. This doesn't change anything, I hope you are not mad for this one disagreement.


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