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How do I re-enable AdBlock Plus?

I had to disable it but when I go to the setting and go to addons to re-enable AdBlock..the icon doesn't show in the toolbar and ads are not being blocked.

I go to AdBlocks Options and it shows that teh box for "Enable AdBlock Plus" is checked but it is not functional.


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You must have a different version of Maxthon ( I have version  because there was nothing like that on my toolbar and even when I went into settings, then into Adblock and ticked the "Enable AdBlock Plus" in the AdBlock Plus still didn't work.


See..when I originally disabled it I clicked ont he AdBlock Plus icon then clicked "Disable" with the idea that I could just re-enable it again but I couldn't because once I disabled it, the icon disappeared and when I went into the settings and into 'Functions and Addons -where AdBlock Plus was- and tried to re-enable it..nothing happened.

I went to the Maxthon extension page to try and reinstall it nothing happened. Sure, it told me I could update or reinstall but I had no options to do that so I had to start over and re-extract a downloaded file of Maxthon and set everything back up again.


Thanks though for the reply.

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