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29 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

Reported to the dev team.

Hi Tony, I tried to restart the v5.3.8.800 many times, the stylish can stay "enabled".

i use stylish on one site to change a few things

when i log into that site the mods from stylish are not in place or may not be - in earlier versions it was necessary to go to extension in settings and close sytlish then ractivate it - the screens then refreshed in the background and the site i use stylish on was fine

that was solved in the last version as far as i remember - in this version its changed again

if i load Maxthon then go to the site i use stylish in its a gamble whether it works or not - if it has not worked i have found that if i refresh the site by pressing F5 then stylish loads and is fine from there on in 

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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you would need to create an account i think but that should be easy

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div[class*=lia], [class*=link]{font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;}

its nothing special as far as i know - i am certainly no expert - i blunder through it to make it work - i have changed nothing from other builds or branches - this latest release of 5.3.8 is better - sometimes it works on first visiting the site [as it did this morning] other time F5 is needed and then its fine

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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