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Status bar display indicator information problem


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I noticed that Status bar display indicator information has some problems on "no user account" MX When I set information (see attached image Info_1.png below) through the "Customize UI" buttom, next time or some days later some information just disappeared from the status bar only "System info" remained. If I click on Menu all the Information are unchecked (see attached image Info_2.png below). Same also when I check information from the "Menu" I have the same problem. In the "account user", I don't have such problem.

Thank in advance for your help.




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10 minutes ago, -ody- said:

I reported exactly the same issue a while ago..  still not fixed

I use an administrator account 

Hello ody,

I tried to test this issue with the administrator and the guest account but I cannot reproduce. I will continue following it. :)

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