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MX5 PC and Android Beta3 versions release


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Maxthon Browser releases MX5 PC and Android Beta3 versions today!

Their changelogs and download links are here: 



Thanks everyone's feedback and support for MX5 beta2,

we fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements in it.


Now, we release the new version MX5 Beta3 (V, V 5.1.3000) !

Welcome to give us feedback in "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area.

Here is the "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area link:


Our professional admins and moderators will help you and deal with issues.


Let's make MX5 better together!

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As for me, there were 3 things, that make maxthon so great browser:

  1. good start menu. Although vivaldi's is better, but maxthon's 4.9* version is also very nice. Maxthon 5 ruin it.
  2. very handy multisearch. From this version it is broken too.
  3. mouse gestures. Thanks God it is still working. 

Previously number one browser for me was Opera, but once upon a time opera decided to go to the modern way...I realy hope that Maxthon doesn't repeat this mistake. 

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