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  1. Hi! Where in MX6 i can manage notification settings (allow/block sites notifications)? I accidentally allowed a site and now I can't find how to block it.
  2. - Fixed the issue that the subfolder of bookmarks could not display properly under some circumstances This is not fixed. The problem still exsist. Please, fix it!
  3. Sometime there are a problem with Favorite's visualization. Sometimes they are missing, sometimes they are ok. You can see this in the video, that i attach. This problem staing from the begining of MX6. Please, fix it! Thank you in advance! Problem_Favorites.wmv
  4. In the last version missing "change engine" button. Now i cannot switch to Retro mode. Some sites not working properly in Ultra mode. Please, return this feature! Also in download manager add function to delete and local files. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi!

    My IMEI on my phone is 356144082783719

  6. See again! When you open New tab and click website on QA, he open again New tab and want to open another website from QA, but first website, from the first New tab opens in the second New tab, not in first, where it is clicked and the first New tab stay as New tab. That is a bug and problem.
  7. Thank you, but MX5 for Android still not usable in landscape mode. Where are the address bar, menus, buttons and all what the people needs to surf on the web with browser? This is fourth version, after which i write about this problem and nothing happens! I'm slightly disappointed...
  8. Hi! Where are you get this version? Sorry for off-topic!
  9. No happiness... there is no link... Only one email with "Thank you" message...
  10. I used may Maxthon Passport email, but received just: "Hello,Thank you so much for joining MX5 Pre-Registration Campaign! In return, we’re offering you a VIP package worth $49.38, for free. In MX5, you can directly use your old Maxthon Passport email to log in and experience it. No need to re-activate your email. Enjoy this adventure with Maxthon.MX5, Maximize Your Life!The Maxthon Team"
  11. Hi! On this site: not work search option. On IE evrething is fine.