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  1. Cannot login to Maxthon on all my PCs and different accounts. I get error 1008 on all of them. Need to press Logon button several times to have access.
  2. Hi! I cannot login to my account - Error 1006 <unknown>?!
  3. Is now ok?! Or you can download from here: P.S. I think there is some problem with uploading media to the posts. Video_2021-07-23_164836.wmv
  4. Another bug with the latest version: quick access not moving properly, also in grouped icons cannot change icon color - button Save not working. Can download video from here: Video_2021-07-24_103510.wmv
  5. On the latest version, when i login without remembered password, first screen is freez and when i open some site, there is only white page and quick access not worked. I need to open a new tab to worked. But if i check remember pass and auto login everthing is ok. I attach a video for this problem. Video_2021-07-23_164836.wmv
  6. Hi! Why MX6 cannot open, when i have not internet? I'm with the lastest version. MX6 create many processes but not starting. When i connect to the internet i have no problem and MX6 is starting. 1715647007_Maxhtonnotstarting.wmv
  7. I know that. That's why i write - six months later.
  8. Where is this setting? On me always opening in front. I like MX quick access page. Only i want to change background image.
  9. Yes, but open link directly in front, not in background. Also, when i drag a text it's open search engine directly, not in background like MX5. This is inconvenient and loses the meaning of functionality. Now when I use it, I need to go back to the tab I'm looking at every time. And another question: How can i change background image in home page with my own picture? Thank you in advance!
  10. Thanks! It happened, but I don't think it's the best option. In my opinion, this button should also be present in the browser Passkeeper menu.
  11. Hi! Where can I remove a site that I have marked not remembering username and password, but now I want to save them?