Search Bar fell off quick access page


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Hi QIK5L,thanks for your feedback and sorry for this issue. 

So are your using beta v5.0.1.500? And could you tell me your computer system?

And does this issue exist all the time? Or sometimes?

These information may help our developers to solve this problem. Look forward to your reply.:)

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can someone try this

click on QA icon and open page 

type something in search box - 123 will do - that opens a google page

click on QA icon again to open new QA page 

do you see search box - best i have seen is it hidden in windows toolbar at bottom of page or not showing anywhere on page

minimise maxthon from control button - top right 

click on maxthon icon in toolbar to expand maxthon

search box is where it should be


a bug - something on my system - dont know - will wait to see what others find - maybe its known but i cannot find a reference

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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