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  1. @IceHouse, long ago, in the days before Passkeeper, Maxthon had a parternship with RoboForm. It could be there are some of Maxthon old-timers heavily vested in RoboForm who prefer to use it to fill in passwords. (Also, it can fill in more complex forms, which gives it utility for things like posting to content management systems like those on blogs or news sites.)
  2. Just in time for Thanksgiving in the U.S., @BugSir006! I'm thankful for Team Maxthon.
  3. You know — the navigation on the left side of the releases page in this forum is getting confusing, especially with the new numbering scheme. Maybe that could be cleaned up? I'd suggest breaking PC, Android, and iOS releases into separate pages/sections of the main nav. Then each could have its own (clean, easy to navigate) sidebar of version numbers.
  4. Is that version number for Android correct? I've been running 5.1.6000 (Beta). Is the first official release really 5.0.1? If that's accurate — why the step backward in version numbering?
  5. I haven't seen it fall to the bottom of the page, but I have seen it go missing in action. Off-Topic: @QIK5L, I originally posted the video above as a new bug report in the bug reports section. Is that a practice I should steer clear of and just post bug reports here in MX5 Beta Version Discussion?
  6. Occasionally, the address bar is entirely missing from QuickAccess, making navigation a bit tricky.
  7. @PHYR , @-ody- — That certainly seems promising. I live in hope of being able to actually use my bookmarks again. ;)
  8. O.K., curiosity is getting the better of me! Anyone who's downloaded the alpha yet have a large Favorites file to import? Any word on how MX5 handles many Favorites? Is the performance snappier than in Maxthon 4.9?
  9. Ha, ha! I was too tied up on the announcement day to get an early spot, and it looks like I may be too tied up when my e-mails come to do much playing around — but I'm looking forward to the peek nonetheless! Can't wait to hear your impressions, @No.1MaxthonFan!
  10. Not to be a wet blanket, but let's remember the announcement says "in the order of signup from July 12th" — so it may be a few days (weeks?) before we've all installed MX5. (I'm in VIP2, so I'm hoping for a short window, naturally! )
  11. The VIP program and its levels, as well as its role in the alpha rollout, are maddeningly unclear. It would be nice to know: what the levels are; whether the prices quoted are per major version, per year, or for the lifetime of use; when and how users can upgrade or downgrade service to a different VIP level; if "free now" means free during the alpha phase or free until some renewal comes due; and if alpha testers are locked into the levels they came in at for the duration of the alpha test or if they'll be able to upgrade/downgrade within the alpha phase. I also can't help wondering: Will all MX5 users be at one of the three VIP levels, or will there be non-VIP users? Will there be any non-paid use of MX5? If not, how's that going to affect the spread and promotion of MX5? Is there going to be premium access to customer service and tech support for VIP users? I'm not opposed to paying for Maxthon. I suggested it as a revenue-generating option years ago and am quite happy with some of the paid software I use. But if I find myself paying (especially for the multiple accounts I use for work and family!), my expectations for performance and bug-fixing are going to go up. ;)
  12. Finally got a chance to watch, and it was nicely done. Kudos, Team Maxthon! (I saw @Wilser ツ's note about the hack right after I posted my original comment.)
  13. That would be nice to know. Also: Has anyone had any luck playing the video?
  14. I know I haven't been as active on the current forum as I had been in the past — but it looks like I reached a post limit after about six or seven posts in a two- or three-hour window.  (Three of those were me creating new topics.)  I'm going to wander off for a while and let my profile cool down, but if anything jumps out at you about any thresholds I may have broken, let me know.  Maybe there's a post-number or reputation ceiling I need to break through before I can post more than a few things per day?  Sorry to bother you with this, but any insights are welcomed, of course.  ;)

    1. Secret-HQ


      Hmmm.  After only 10 minutes, I was able to resume posting my usual drivel.  Maybe it was a forum hiccup?  Or maybe I'd just been bounding around too gleefully in too short a time, as I thought at first.