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45 minutes ago, soaringeagle said:

Does anyone know how to update site icons in mx 5?  Not all of my icons updated or imported into 5.

you can do it one at a time by opening each link but lifes too short - if you import the siteicon folder from 4 and put it in the 'public' dir that seems to work - hopefully they will add back the feature to import them 

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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48 minutes ago, soaringeagle said:

I'm talking about "Update Site Icons."   In Mx 4 you can update them from the Fav. Manager.  

Already been discussed a number of times.  It has not yet been implemented.  Maybe in future iterations.

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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