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  1. How do we change default 5.02xx skin to a dark skin
  2. I figured it out. It's the stable version. 5.0.2 is a beta. Thanks again for the skins.
  3. Thanks. Can I assume that those taged with 3000 are for
  4. Does anyone still have downloaded copies of the mx 5 skins or a link to them somewhere. The current 5.02.3000 default skin is butt ugly. Some may like it...not me. I get the generic skin, but it would be nice if we had the option, like in 4.9, to colorize it, either with our own pics or from a color palate.
  5. When will we see Mx 5 skins again. They seem to have disappeared. The skins for 5.01 don't work with 5.02
  6. MX 5 removed all my favorites from the favorites bar and wont let me put them back. It even removed them from Infobox. I hope they get to a final release soon. Until then I'm staying with Also the Android Mobile version looks more likethe Opera Browser. As it stands now MX 5 looks like crap.