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No IPv6 support in Latest Maxthon built

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I'm using the latest beta built of Maxthon, and I just found that the browser seems to be forced in IPv4 mode, without IPv6 support.

IPv6 Maxthon.png

Because with the absolutly identical setting and network setup, my built-in Microsoft Edge browser could pass this test using Teredo tunneling.

IPv6 Edge.png


I can't find anywhere in the setting of Maxthon to open up IPv6, nor using the Chrome://flags does the trick to get more control of Maxthon.

Would Maxthon please at least allow IPv6 traffic as a fallback?

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I get the same exact result as Ody, 3/20 overall using ultra.

With retro 10/20 overall, with support for ipv6 but no fallback.

Win10, M4.9.3.200 I get same results with M4.9.3.300

Edge 4/20 IPv6, not supported and no fallback.

ISP???  Edit: Apparently DNS server.

I have problems with the Steam client where I can't see update news, store, community or my account. I wonder if the issue is related. The folks at Steam are investigating.


Edit; this test shows positive result only in retro, ultra can't connect to page at all



An other test site http://test-ipv6.com/ results for ultra and retro.



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