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17 minutes ago, Zootopia3000 said:

Is there a way to add one more list to AdBlock? I don't see a way offhand manually with this browser. I always prefer to have Fanboy's Annoyances list complimenting Easylist. I just can't stand all that social networking gadgetry that so litters webpages nowadays.


also see here :




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Open this webpage

Open AdBlock in Maxthon. Go to Adblock plus Options and click on "Add a different subscription".


Go to and find your required subscription

Right click on the subscription link (A) and click "copy link address". Paste this address in Filter list location



Copy and paste the the subscription title (B) into Subscription title then click "Add"



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20 hours ago, Zootopia3000 said:

D'oh! Now I see. Success! Had to add...

...specifically with a description.

Thank you so much. Will update my rating at Betanews to 4 1/2 stars. Will get back to you with one more minor detail on something else. Tried this browser out just this last week and like so far.


Glad to talk toy u.

Hope you will have an amazing browsing experience in using Maxthon browser.

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