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Hi guys, Really sorry to tell you. I have talked to our team about this. This function would be fixed until the release of MX5. Please be patient. Stay tuned. I hope this could help you.

When you click on the correct spelling in the pop-up, the previously entered text disappears.  This only happens in the "Comment" field.

By the way the problem that our client is talking about is exist and here we already reported for out team. and what does that mean - of course the problem is known about - its been repor

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  • 4 weeks later...

Yes, I'm still having this problem

Windows 10 Pro
Version 1511
Build 10586.63

OS: 6.3.9600.
IE: 11.63.10586.0

Maxthon.exe =
Maxthon.dll =
MxWebkit.dll =
MxTrident.dll =
Maxzlib.dll =
Mx3UnInstall.exe =
MxAccountSvc.dll =
MxAddonsMgr.dll =
MxApp.dll =
MxAppFrame.dll =
MxAppLoader.exe =
MxCore.dll =
MxCoreMan.dll =
MxCrashCatch.dll =
MxCrashReport.exe =
MxDb.dll =
MxDownloader.dll =
MxEncode.dll =
MxFilePackage.dll =
MxFileSync.dll =
MxHttpRq.dll =
MxIPC.dll =
MxMsg.dll =
MxResMgr.dll =
MxRsc.dll =
MxTool.dll =
MxUI.dll =
MxUp.exe =
MxWKView.dll =
MxXDR.dll =
MxCaptureScreen3.dll =
MxCmpUrl.dll =
MxFav.dll =
MxFavDb.dll =
MxHistory.dll =
MxMultiSearch.dll =
MxPicLib.dll =
MxPrint.dll =
MxSec.dll =
MxSiteIcon.dll =
MxSmartUrl.dll =
MxStorage.dll =
MxSvInfo.dll =
MxSync.dll =
MxUrlSec.dll =
MxAvatarExt.dll =
MxCloudsSvc.dll =
MxExtTools.dll =
MxAddonMisc.dll =
MxMsgPush.dll =
MxTabsSync.dll =
MxUeip.dll =

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8 minutes ago, Elan du Canada said:

Yes, I'm still having this problem


Hi there.

You can try newest beta

I suggest you to perform clean Maxthon installation to avoid issues or incompatibility with data from previous version.

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1 hour ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

How did you install the Beta on the Windows Mobile OS?  10586.63 is the Mobile Version of Windows 10.

Ms decided that all Windows (regardless of Phone/ Mobile or desktop) have the same build number - to unified their eco system (called OneCore).

So OP has definitely "normal" desktop OS :titter:



Bez tytułu.png

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