Maxthon on Win8.1 Orphan issue

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Hi Guys,

Ok, since some people here think I do not search the forums or Google before posting, I would like to start this post by stating clearly.. I HAVE SEARCHED BOTH THE FORUMS HERE AND GOOGLE!!! Sadly, I was not able to find anything that seems to address this issue. This either means that there isn't anything out there about this issue or the search criteria I used just did not match any of those that may be our there for this issue, so please then bare with it and please help me.

So, here is the issue I have been running into with Maxthon. Let me start with some specs. I am using the latest Maxthon version available on the site on a Windows 8.1 64bit ROG Asus Laptop.

What is happening is kind of odd so I hope I do a good job explaining the issue. I generally open Maxthon from the icon on the taskbar, though while I am surfing on the net, I will often right click and hit Open in New Tab. However, for some reason every so often, after a day of opening and closing Maxthon windows, I will notice that when I use another program and then want to go back to my Maxthon window which I know has a ton of tabs still open it appears to be gone. If I go look at my taskbar to switch back to Maxthon, it's icon is not shaded (when the icon is shaded, it kind of has a background shading to indicate that the program is up and running). If I click on the icon in the taskbar, a new Maxthon window opens, however, I was hoping it would open the Maxthon window as stated above that I know has a bunch of tabs running, though I know that when looking at the icon in the taskbar it does appear that Maxthon is close. So I close this newly opened, new, and clean window. If I use Alt+Tab to see all open windows, sure enough my Maxthon window that has a ton of tabs open does show and I can use Alt+Tab to get to it. This is the "issue" I do not understand. Why does Maxthon appear for all intents and purposed closed, clicking on the Maxthon icon just opens a new Maxthon browser window yet the window that I knew had to be chillin somewhere is there, but can only be reopened by using Alt+Tab? It's almost as if the Maxthon window gets orphaned. I can't think of any other way to describe the issue, if there even is an issue.

A Maxthon window that is still open but has not way to get to it other then Alt+Tab........ I honestly can't recall any other program doing this to me and I am not sure exactly how this is caused.

Has anyone else seen this or heard of this? It doesn't really cause and major problems cause once I realize what has happened, I have a work around, but the problem is, I have no way to re-associate the Maxthon window with any Maxthon icon, so while this window may still be running with all it's tabs doing whatever, no Maxthon icon claims ownership of the window so the only way to get back to the window is to Alt+tab which is where this problem does get a little frustrating.

I would appreciate any replies...Is this something worth sending to Maxthon as a bug report? Not that I even know how to do that even if someone said yes! lol

For those on the East Coast (New Jersey area), please be safe with all this snow and wind! I'm in central NJ and we already have over a foot and we are supposed to get anywhere for 2-3 feet with winds up to 60mph! I can't recall having a blizzard this much fun since the early 90's! I'm bummed cause they put us under a State of Emergency so now it's against the law for me to go and play with my new Toyota FJ Cruiser in 4x4 out in the snow! LOLOL

Hey thanks again everyone! :)

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Hey guys! My two favorite helps! :) Hope yall are well! ... No.1MaxthonFan Ok, I found those options under the advanced options and no, none of them are checked.

7twenty I do not have a check in the box for Allow only one Maxthon window... So I have no check marks in any of the 4 options you both asked about.

Not sure if that is good or bad, but it would seem that it hasn't made the possible answer very easy :(

Thanks for the replies guy, any other ideas?

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Dardwizzle replied at 2015-1-27 17:04 back.gif

Hey guys! My two favorite helps! Hope yall are well! ... No.1MaxthonFan Ok, I found those option ...

Ok, are you sure you are clicking on "Open in new TAB" Or possibly clicking on "Open in new WINDOW"?

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-28 02:27 back.gif

Hi Dardwizzle,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

You problem sounds like "System tray icon"settings relat ...

Sure, I can log out of Maxthon, run some tests, log back in run some tests. Problem is, I don't know exactly how to reproduce this so I don't know when this will happen and under what circumstances. So it may take me sometime to see if I can reproduce this. It does usually happen a few times a week, but I know that the more that I am opening and closing windows and tabs is usually when this happens.

Ill reply back here after I have tried a few things. I am however curious, while I agree that this does seem to be "system tray icon" related, how would logging out of the Maxthon account have anything to do with this? Having an understanding of this may help me to figure out exactly how to reproduce this issue.


7twenty, May I ask where you were going with the language settings? I am not sure if you posted in the wrong OP or if you were trying to tell me something, but what ever it was you lost me lol :)

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Dardwizzle replied at 2015-1-28 14:45 back.gif

Sure, I can log out of Maxthon, run some tests, log back in run some tests. Problem is, I don't kn ...

I asked you to log out of your Maxthon account, because i suspect your browser settings.

Logging out of your account will reset Maxthon to default and no additional extensions will be influencing the browser performance...

Just want to confirm whether your problem is not related to your browser settings.

Thanks! :)

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